OK, so that’s done and dusted then

According to the UCL results, published this week, the number of people who have protection against the virus either through vaccination or previous infection will hit 73.4 per cent on April 12 – enough to tip the country into herd immunity.

What’s the next problem then?

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  1. The next problem is rewinding the COVID-1984 culture enjoyed by those who’ve had a good pandemic.

  2. We don’t know the level at which herd immunity is reached. (In the early days, some experts reckoned on 25%, while measles requires 95% inoculation to protect the public.)
    It’s all moot of course. The safe and the unsafe are not evenly distributed. Covid will be with us for many years so we might as well get on with our lives.

  3. Am I the only person tearing his hair out staring at the creen shouting fuckinellfuckinellfuckinellfuckinellyoufuckingcunts

  4. When herd immunity is reached the disease starts to decline. This is a seasonal disease, so more need to be immune in midwinter than in spring or summer to provide herd immunity.
    Last March we reached herd immunity for spring, an dthe disease started to decline before lockdown was imposed. It did the same in Sweden, which didn’t lock down.
    Late December the disease started to decline, prior to the current lockdown and prior to any serious amount of vaccination. As it did across the northern hemisphere regardless of local lockdowns or their absence.
    We reached herd immunity naturally in late December, as did the rest of the northern hemisphere, there being no alternative explanation.
    Vaccines take us well above herd immunity for late December, and hence speed the departure of the disease, and insure against a possible recurrence late autumn.
    More important they make the panic harder to sustain.
    It is however refreshing to find academics stepping back from the narrative of doom, that too will help ease the panic.

  5. JtD

    Unfortunately, nothing like enough of us, or this would have over long ago.


    It has to be something like that, probably along with things like natural social distancing & all the caution stuff (prior to enforced lockdowns) etc perhaps also impacting the re-infection ratios at the time, because almost none of the rhetoric the Government has come out with throughout this whole charade supports any data I can see (and that’s their own data).

  6. @John Lewis
    April 8, 2021 at 9:08 am

    Next problem:-
    BJ’s long overdue backbone implant operation is on the nhs waiting list.

    Johnson is loving this. The danger of a backbone implant is that he fights back against the voters.

  7. What’s the next problem then?

    Big companies not paying enough tax, as usual.

    Last time they had to pay more tax for the Green New Deal. Now it’ll swiftly be rebranded as the Rainbow New Deal to “Protect Are NHS” (sic). The cause doesn’t matter; all that matters is MOAR TAX.

  8. “It’s all moot of course. ” Are you using “moot” in the American sense or the civilised sense?

  9. Is there any mileage in the argument that they have to maintain the ’emergency’ as long as it takes for vaccines to get formal approval? On the basis the vaccines are only legally able to be used on an ’emergency basis’ and if everything is back to normal there obviously is no emergency any more, and the whole vaccine program would be very vulnerable to a legal challenge?

  10. Did not a certain Professor of Infectious Diseases issue an authoritative fatwa against the offensive use of the term “Herd Immunity” in connection with COVID, saying that term had only ever been used in reference to animals, not humans?

  11. If you find the illusion that untested lie juice provides a mass of mugs with illusory protection against an illusory plague that’s fine Tim. Anything that stops Bogus Johnson’s tinpot bullshit.

    But remember if panic stops people start thinking about all those his LD shite has killed.

    So Bogus wants mega-tests to keep false positive lies up long enough to establish his vax pass-to-social credit tyranny by merging pass with Public Digital Identity online ID card.

    Luckily enough millions of us wont play so he will lose. No thanks to all the shite who went along with him–in effect standing in the crowd making the Nazi salute so they can get a fucking pint etc.

  12. Safe enough to get past Tim’s profanity filter?

    Tim has a profanity filter? Presumably it’s one where, if we don’t say “cunt” often enough, we get the “You’re posting too quickly” error.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    The WHO redefined herd immunity from being acquired by natural exposure and vaccination to vaccination only in a nice Orwellian move.


    So now the only we we can get herd immunity, according to them,, is by exposing young people to a vaccination that has a higher risk than the disease for their age groups. As if you people haven’t suffered enough!

  14. Sadly the crap in the media around immunity and natural vs vaccination shows how low the standard of education has become that they can get away with promoting it. Most of the talk about immunity fails the test of basic biology and lack of any understanding of the role of a persons immune system

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