On being libelled

I’ve now actually seen the legal letter. I’m accused of shaking down a stock market quoted company. If they pay me then I will write nice things about them on a stock tipping site. If they don’t I will write nasty things and also nice things about one of their competitors.

A complete and total fabrication. Also a damaging allegation. Not that there’s anything I can do about it apparently. US libel law is different from that of our own Dear Queen.

Still, at least it clears up that nagging question about the probity of the people running the company.

11 thoughts on “On being libelled”

  1. ISTR that there’s a history of high-profile libel cases being brought in the UK if there is a reasonable case that the libel was seen here, on account of the difference in standards.

  2. I’m accused of shaking down a stock market quoted company.

    Surely that is defamatory anywhere? It’s not mere abuse.

  3. As long as you avoid the American courts, Mr W. Corrupt cesspits, as far as I can see. And xenophobic with it.

  4. Double-Streisand, really..

    Because the next question would be : “What are they trying to hide?”

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Not just libel but today it’s blatant plagiarism from Guido Fawkes:

    The Treasury is pendantically correct on the precision of the question.

  6. TMB: that’s flattery, not plagiarism. I’ve used ‘pendant’ on a comment at El Reg (without attribution), and no-one pulled me up, and I’ve noticed one other commentard using it there who did name-check Timmy, with an implied “WTF did you stop using his stuff?”.

  7. Many years ago a colleague called me a pendant. Naturally I informed him that the word he was looking for was “pedant”. He responded “No, you’re a pendant – you hang around being useless.”

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