Only rich companies can do this

Google will tie senior executive bonuses to their efforts furthering its environmental and diversity goals from next year.

It’s also one of the ways that companies become less rich over time.

It’s not so much that shareholder interests should come first – although they should – it’s that a company that does prioritise them is going to beat, over time, those that don’t.

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    It’s not so much that shareholder interests should come first – although they should

    What formerly was true is nigh to being a fallacy today.

    Today the “stakeholder” is king and the term extends well beyond those people and entities with a financial interest in the success of the business (employees, suppliers, lenders) but to customers, the wider community, the taxman and indeed any busybody claiming an “interest”.

  2. When they fired that guy for wrongthink, I knew Google was done. They might even still grow for a while on the money printer they built years ago, but they won’t be building any new money printers. And when the next shift comes along, someone will beat Google.

    “Diversity” (which in this case will mean hitting a quota of brown people, gays and women) is going to reduce the weirdos that create the skunkwork projects. Not because brown people and gays can’t do skunkworks stuff, but because people will feel pressured to hire the first brown person to come along. Oh, and women are 9-5ers who never do this stuff.

    Everyone will deny this, but when you make it policy, people will respond like this. They’d much rather hire a useless Chinese guy and hit quota, than to hire someone talented and spend a lot of time explaining why they didn’t.

  3. Switch to DuckDuckGo (now with a browser too for tablets and smart phones) and let Goggle diversify and environmental itself into oblivion.

  4. @BoM4 Nah… Google will probably rot from the inside out, but it’s really no more than a glorified advertising agency, and as such can afford this kind of guff..
    Alphabet , the real monster behind it, is already working to split off stuff like Skunkworks into subsidiaries/acquisitions.

    Like a proper advertising agency, people get dazzled by the glitter and point at Google, and fail to see the ropes and rigging behind it all.. As intended.
    Got to hand it to them… Well Played.. Proper 101 Rules of Evil Overlording.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    What John B said.

    I switched to Brave a few years ago, DDG comes as the default and it’s not bad now. At first I had to switch to Google occasionally but not now.

  6. @BNIB


    It’s amazing how much tracking is going on, brave regularly breaks most websites, that plus adblocker and ghostery

    DDG rather irritatingly defaults to US results regardless of settings

    I rarely use Google search these days, too much spam

  7. Google Shareholders interest starts and ends with protecting their monopoly. Diversity and environmental issues are compliance issues. The fewer people hate them thr better.

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