PayPal Suspended Us 🛑

  1. I was wary about getting involved with PayPal to start as i’ve heard about them terminating accounts, but…

Over the weekend PayPal informed us that they would no longer be willing to process payments for us due to “inappropriate content”. What this actually means is “we dont believe in your political opinion” both yours, and my own. Fine, they’re free to go about their business as they wish.

With this is mind we will no longer be able to accept PayPal for donations or for the purchase of literature.

Let’s move on, plenty of more payment processors in the world..

If you have a recurring donation with PayPal we ask that you cancel your recurring subscription HERE or via  your DonorBox login (DonorBox is still good for Visa and Mastercard Payments) and move to our Visa and Mastercard system powered by Stripe also through DonorBox (its also somewhat easier).

This is once again the big guys weighing down against the unpopular (but nonetheless true) opinion.

But on the brightside, one week to go till the pub in the UK (lets hope the weather clears up!)

We still need your help more than ever.