Perhaps he’s really the C³?

Richard Murphy says:
April 21 2021 at 9:34 am
Dyson could not deliver ventilators as it turned out

The government was to blame for the lack of ICU before this crisis broke out

And if Dyson was being charitable he could have covered the tax cost without demanding subsidy

The poverty of logic is all yours

8 thoughts on “Perhaps he’s really the C³?”

  1. The government can’t carry infinite stocks of everything to cover every possible event, however unlikely.

    The sensible approach is to be prepared to pay a premium if you need something urgently. Sometimes this doesn’t work.

    I might as well add that from such limited attention as I’ve paid to the coronapanic, the fuss has moved on from ventilators to something else. Indeed I understand that ventilators are now considered too dangerous.

  2. There are hundreds of thousands of brand new ventilators with no one to buy them. If Dyson failed we should be glad.
    Acute covid patients can breathe unassisted, the sick part is at the alveolar gas exchange.

  3. Arnie the Austrian built a good stock of equipment for medical emergencies in California. His Democrat successors sold it off.

  4. @Boganboy

    The ventilators were considered important back when the Chinese and the Italians were the only ones to have suffered from the outbreak. In many hospitals there was a shortage of ventilators for those in ICU. However, most other countries never reaches the level where the health system was overwhelmed by too many patients, in both China and Italy this excess demand for ventilators was limited to a single major city and its environs – Milan/Lombardy, Wuhan/Hubei. There was a oxygen system problem at Watford General back in August:

    The ventilator panic was based on incomplete information and an expectation of a far worse first wave. Just like the Nightingale hospitals.

  5. It’s getting to the point where Murphy’s epitaph could be “he hated everyone and everything apart from higher taxes”

  6. Ventilators with regards to COVID was the wrong approach taken initially by hospitals for patients with breathing difficulties. It wasn’t lack of oxygen getting through the lungs that caused the problem. The virus was in the bloodstream and no matter how much oxygen that was pumped into the lungs, the blood was not transporting it. Because it was clotting! The spike protein in the virus caused the blood clots. And what do these vaccines do? They make your own bloods cells produce the spike protein, the very thing that causes the clotting.
    I got a bit side tracked there. The ventilators were absolutely no use at all in the initial treatment, and doctors soon realised that.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    It should remembered that at the time there were stories from Italy and Spain of older patients being taken off ventilators and given palliative care (drugged so that dying would be easier) so that younger patients could be given ventilators. IIRC in Spain the age cut off was 60.

    But of course nobody wants to admit they got caught up in the hysteria. (I argued in support of something must be done, and that included a short lockdown if necessary, at the time.)

  8. Apparently, when the Olympics came to London, athletes were specifically not classed as being assessible for tax in the UK while participating, or too many would not have come if they were going to be taxed on world-wide endorsements etc

    Which fits in with Dyson’s concerns I’d say.

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