Presentational determinism

Or perhaps lookism.

Now, really, think on it. No doubt a lovely lad and loves his football and a pint. And yet if, sight unseen, you were asked to draw a picture of the youngest Mastermind winner ever you’d come up with……..

Well, yes. But which determines which? The brains the looks or…..

21 thoughts on “Presentational determinism”

  1. After over a decade of “wedgies” and being shaken upside down for his lunch money the lad deserves his moment in the spotlight.

  2. 4 of the losers looked like they’d been dressed by Swampy. So could be something in this presentational lark.

  3. I’ve always assumed a bit that unpopular kids become swots. No-one calls around to play football, so they get into stamp collecting.

    It’s rather like the “dumb blonde” thing. Blondes don’t have to apply much intellect because men will give them lots of money for sex. Plainer girls have to work for a living.

  4. Steve

    Amazing how well he’s aged since starring in Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds

    Or perhaps Joe 90 ?

  5. “It’s rather like the “dumb blonde” thing. Blondes don’t have to apply much intellect because men will give them lots of money for sex. Plainer girls have to work for a living.”

    There’s a lot in that. To take it further, the more visually attractive a woman is the less an important an attractive personality is. At the extremes, the drop dead gorgeous ones sometimes don’t have a personality at all. They’re just a self contained bundle of ME! ME! ME! with little connection to the world outside at all. They’ve little incentive to acquire one.

  6. Of course that begs an explanation for the geezer-in-a-frock, the subject of many other of Tim’s posts.
    Not something I intend to explore.

  7. The economics of this has been done. To be beautiful is very hard work and time consuming. You cannot be swotting and working out in the gym at the same time. So people choose to specialise. More attractive people tend to be both less educated and dimmer.

  8. There are exceptions to the rule, the captain of Magdalen college who won University Challenge in 1998 was divine (hence me remembering her so far back).

  9. @Noel C
    When you say she was divine I take it you’re not referring to the fat tranny who once ate poodle poo?

  10. Hey… Us Nerds look like Nerds…

    It’s a matter of pride for us.. 😛

    (And yes, that could have easily been me in the early ’80’s.. Sue me.. )

  11. bis, “…They’ve little incentive to acquire one.” So true – until of course it’s too late.

    Cute Don’t Last Forever.

  12. Depends on the situation. It’s a bit of a “chicken or the egg” debate.

    Being less conventionally attractive or popular leads to less socialization and more time for hobbies and studying.

    Starting out as attractive and popular, but embarking on a mission to become an academic, can lead to less time spent on appearances or exercise.

    There are several grey areas and extraneous factors, however. One can also be motivated to pursue an area of study due to his own self-confidence. There are a ton of attractive and in-shape medical doctors, for instance. There is also the distinction between an eccentric, agoraphobic nerd stuck in the library, versus the more gregarious nerd who can communicate with the media and appear on discussion panels.

    I once met a woman in her 30s who was a comparative literature major from Oxford (true, not exactly an astrophysicist, but still). She could write a pretty good magazine article, and she was quite attractive, but she was still unemployed at the time and seemed stuck in high school with her “I don’t see eye to eye with my parents” issues. Also told me she never smoked a cigarette in her life, but began vaping because “my ex-boyfriend was into it.” I don’t think I’d ever heard a more unintelligent story.

    So ironically, too much time spent in a single discipline, including academic pursuits, can make you pretty darn stupid and even underdeveloped in a bunch of others.

  13. But, Reverend, that is what alimony is for…

    It’s the fucking you get for the fucking you got.

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