Priyamvada, Dr. Gopal, really is the one, isn’t she?

This is the same Dr. Gopal who:

A Cambridge University academic has claimed she was subject to racist treatment from King’s College porters.

Priyamvada Gopal said she would stop tutoring students at the institution in protest of being subject to “consistently racist profiling and aggression by porters” at the college over the years.

“Hundreds of stories abound over the years … If you can’t be polite to me at the gate, I can’t do any work for you,” the 50-year-old tweeted.

The academic, who teaches in the Faculty of English at Cambridge, said she had repeatedly asked the porters to address her as “Dr Gopal” instead of “madam” in an incident which took place on Monday.

I believe Dr. Goebbels was a stroppy little shit too.

12 thoughts on “Priyamvada, Dr. Gopal, really is the one, isn’t she?”

  1. I used to teach for King’s. The porters hadn’t a clue who I was and called me “sir”. When I became a Fellow (at a different college) the porters there largely called me … “sir”.

    When the Head Porter retired but still used to pop in for an occasional lunch he called me by my preferred abbreviation of my Christian name.

    Buggered if I can see what the fuss is about.

    Mind you I do know of a case of a Cambridge madwoman who was justifiably paranoid – I happened to find out that the PTB were observing who she sat next to at lunch.

    It’s a funny old world, as the great philosopher remarked.

  2. Maybe she could comment on the Indian caste and the high caste privilege that entails for a change

  3. I believe Dr. Goebbels was a stroppy little shit too.

    Although Goebbels in drag would have made a better looking woman.

  4. According to wiki, the Gopal caste are cattle herders, but they also assist Brahmins at rituals. There’s definitely chip-on-shoulder in evidence.

  5. Does she walk around with her name and title on a prominantly displayed name badge? If not, the supreme politeness from porters is “sir” and “madam”. Anything *other* than that is the porters being rude. Has she never been around a university?

  6. ‘she had repeatedly asked the porters to address her as “Dr Gopal”’

    What about “Dr. GoFuckyerself”?

  7. ‘I can’t do any work for you,”’

    Sounds like a solution right there. She finds the atmosphere of Cambridge uncongenial so she resigns.

  8. I am not a Doctor of anything, nor even a graduate, which presumably means that I am ‘untouchable’ as far as Dr Gopal is concerned, but in the Irving V Penguin Books and Lipstadt definition of an Objective Historian, to avoid illegitimate distortion of the historical record, it is required that:
    1. The historian must treat sources with appropriate reservations;
    2. The historian must not dismiss counter-evidence without scholarly consideration;
    3. The historian must be even-handed in treatment of evidence and eschew “cherry-picking”;
    4. The historian must clearly indicate any speculation;
    5. The historian must not mistranslate documents or mislead by omitting parts of documents;
    6. The historian must weigh the authenticity of all accounts, not merely those that contradict his
    or her favoured view; and
    7. The historian must take the motives of historical actors into consideration.

    Can she really say that she has done any of these things beyond any reasonable doubt? I have a reasonable doubt.

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