Public choice economics

If you asked the P³ about public choice economics – once he’d realised it’s not about how the public make choices – he’d splutter that of course it’s wrong, entirely so. Those in public service are ethical, they never do take any decision to benefit their own economic interests.

I apologise for my cynicism, but not a lot. When it comes to this government the default position now has to be to ask who within it is gaining from any decision made and if any explanation for any action is sought. Corruption is to the fore. It is time to acknowledge the fact.

And there he is insisting that public choice economics is true. Our governors do have their own economic interests and they are guided by them.

2 thoughts on “Public choice economics”

  1. He distinguishes between civil servants (blameless saints) and elected politicians (conniving scheming liars). Ritchie wants a government run purely by the former: a technocracy, with himself as chief technocrat.

  2. Well, he’s made it abundantly clear he hates democracy and The People making choices – even down to The People making choices on how they live their lives outside the voting booths.

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