Where is Boris Johnson?
Cometh the hour, cometh the leader — or not

Is Carrie being sidelined already?

I’ve been transfixed, these last twelve months, by the zest with which Boris Johnson bangs elbows with startled strangers


16 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. ‘demeaning the achievement and good-will of thousands of scientists’; that’s why scientists never accept salaries, conspire to bag research grants, or backstab their way up the greasy pole.

    The good-will is an optional extra – some scientists feel it, some don’t.

  2. Greed is clearly motivating Moderna, whose executives have cashed in $millions of profits on their shares; Pfizer was so greedy that *Enoch Powell* intervened to reduce the amount they ripped off the NHS.
    Oxford-AstraZeneca not visibly – but Oxford had to co-operate with capitalists to move the drug from design phase to production.

  3. Boris, Matt, Chris, Patrick et al – Send in the clowns, don’t bother, they’re here.

    Big pharma is happy to swallow the current cost of covid vaccines seeing the massive profits to be harvested from the never ending cycle of government (sorry, taxpayer) funded yearly vaccinations on the horizon.

  4. Elbows?
    Is this some reference of the peculiar ritual the covidphobic have taken up to replace handshakes? Few people have tried it me. Wondered WTF they were at the first few encounters.
    Detest shaking hands when first meeting people, anyway. You can’t get anything more insincere. To often indulged in by the sort of people intent on doing you over at the first opportunity.

  5. “Detest shaking hands when first meeting people, anyway. You can’t get anything more insincere.”

    Lyrics from Pink Floyd’s ‘Dogs’:
    And after a while you can work on points for style
    Like the club tie and a firm handshake
    A certain look in the eye and an easy smile
    You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to
    So that when they turn their backs on you
    You’ll get the chance to put the knife in

  6. If he’d only stuck to being a clown we’d all be better off now.
    Sadly he thought he’d go in for this governing lark. Things could be done, and they were.

  7. “The observant can tell a lot from a handshake.”

    Yes, Theo. The observant might notice my wiping my hand on my trouser leg. Particularly if I received it from a Tory

  8. Apart from that, when being given the firm but not fierce or overly vigorous whilst being looked at in the eye, you can be certain the slimy bastard’s been practising in a mirror.

  9. The odd amusing line in there, but Jacobson only seems to find Bojo’s clownishness an annoyance because he thinks the man should show a bit more gravitas. I would have thought the gulf between Bojo the Clown and his so far successful attempt to turn the UK into an authoritarian shithole and grasses’ paradise might have led to a better article. Presumably, Howard likes the policies, but wishes they were delivered more sternly.

  10. D’you mean MC, that Howard feels that it is undignified for Boris to pander to the peasants by a bit of clowning. It doesn’t convey the right impression.

    If the scum were flogged to death on YouTube while the woke pranced past and kicked the corpses, he’d think this would convey the proper sense of their unimportance?

  11. Attempted inappropriate handshaking will certainly reduce your social credit score. As will so many other things. Go low enough and they wont even send an ambulance if you call.

    But go ahead–get vaxed to ensure your foreign holiday.

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