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Seems fair enough

The pandemic has seeded the idea of a prime minister “who speaks for England alone” as relations between the four nations of the UK deteriorate amid “deep-rooted complacency”, a senior former civil servant has warned.

Given that the other three do have someone to speak for them why shouldn’t England?

After all, we did conquer them…..

8 thoughts on “Seems fair enough”

  1. We did; after their disastrous attempt to start a colony in Central America, the haggis fanciers begged us to bail them out. Foolishly we agreed, and they’ve never forgiven us.

    Independence for England? It’ll never be allowed.

  2. My solution to the problem of the UK is to swap the Protestant population of Northern Ireland with the Catholic population of Scotland. That won’t entirely get rid of the SNP constituency, but near enough.

    Then we can integrate Scotland properly into the UK and ditch NI to be absorbed into the Republic or, whatever really. Won’t be cheap but worth it in the long run.

  3. “The United Kingdom is the most successful political and economic union the world has ever seen …”

    Funny.. Besides the Netherlands, who’ve had a bit of expertise in this since the 16thC. , I imagine that newcomers like the United States of America are a bit of a backwater politically and economically..
    Germany… hard to say whether to start with the Holy Roman Empire, and they’ve had a couple of wobbles here and there, but they have always done a decent phoenix imitation over the ages.

    France, Spain, China, Russia/USSR/Russia all are political and economic unions of (historically) “nations” that can be shown to have or have had a bit of clout in the world.

    I do like MC’s solution, though… It may actually work..

  4. I thought we bought Scotland after it went bust?

    Edward I, known as “The Hammer of the Scots” for a reason, did plenty of conquering. Then we left them alone (mostly!) for a few hundred years before they got the begging bowls out.

  5. BoJo may be a clown.

    But I’d rather he speak for England and Wales. Because f*ck Furher Drakeford. He’s a nasty fascist shit and we’d be better off without the Welsh assembly.

    Unfortunately the Abolish the Welsh Assembly party isn’t standing in my constituency. So now I’m stuck with a “choice” of Tories, Communists Labour, Lib Dems or Ukip.
    None of whom I want to vote for.
    Spoiled ballot time?

  6. The different restrictions imposed on the 4 nations by the devolved/national government have definitely undermined the Union, plus unhelpfully lead to a race to the bottom as they tried to outdo each other. Going forward we need to admit devolving responsibility for public health (pandemics specifically) was a mistake and recentralize it as a national government role in future events (hopefully that won’t happen, but it would be better to clearly define whose job it is to deal with national threats of this type).

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