Silly, silly

Arabica grows best in a cooler climate, with an average annual temperature of 19C, making it difficult to grow as the planet warms.

How much of the planet currently has a less than 19C average annual temperature? After a 2 – or 3, what the hell – C warming how much of the planet will have a 19C average annual temperature?

My best guess of that second is about the same amount as now. That is, there will still be that same amount of land in the right climate belt to grow the coffee.

It’ll be different land though. Which is what sparks this hunt for a replacement. That those currently growing coffee on this piece of land can switch as temperature does. As a global problem it doesn’t exist.

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  1. Crops are affected by extremes not averages. And averages do not exist… like the average man or average woman. Climate itself bring an expression for an average of meteorological factors over long periods, does not exist.

    And crops do not grow all year round, they have seasons, and if the typical growing season weather conditions change, the crop will respond and grow a bit earlier or later. Any change will be slight and gradual. Crops can also adapt to change in environment via the evolutionary process… they have been doing this for a very long time, successfully.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Arabica is finer than robusta and as with tea, the higher grown bushes produce the finest coffee. The article perhaps relies on a false premise that it’s altitude rather than latitude that plays a role.

  3. The bit that’s warmed is the minimum recorded temperature probably due to relying on weather stations in urbanising areas and airports, with heat island effects, to concoct an average 1.5C higher than a theoretical 1850 average world temperature. I seriously doubt that affects coffee growing except in reducing frost risk.

  4. Trees can migrate north at a rate of over 100 meters per year.
    As for moving longitude, that’s proven easy by the Columbian Exchange.
    I wonder if in a generation or two they’ll be growing Arabica beans in the Taurus mountains or on the slopes of Etna or Olympus.

  5. Boganboy

    Don’t we already have genetically modified coffee in the form of the very expensive kopi luwak, the stuff that passes through (to be polite) the Asian civet?

    Vile stuff, coffee, even without involving the insides of a civet.

  6. Boganboy, I can absolutely guarantee you that your coffee has been genetically modified.

    That is, after all, the whole bloody point of the whole gamete business in all its forms…
    Between that and selective breeding ( either by humans or “the environment” ) it is one of the very few things in biology that is an absolute.

  7. Kopi Luwak is most often manufactured from farmed civets fed a diet of coffee beans. The natural stuff is far too expensive. So the enterprising manufacture the stuff and the stupid people pay $$$. That said most coffee growers are very poor so I can’t blame them really.

  8. It’s 34 degrees F and snowing here today. I’m looking for ways to promote global warming. Why are the southerners more important than me?

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