I’ve worked in this pub:

Hell, I’ve painted that pub.

All most amusing…..

26 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. So what? I’ve worked in the Royal Oak in Nailsea, where the Wurzels recorded live.

    I think that’s Worstall put in his place.

  2. Dennis, A Wog Or Not A Wog... That Is The Question

    For any Septics out there (besides me)…

    “The Wurzels are an English Scrumpy and Western band from Somerset, England, best known for their number one hit “The Combine Harvester” and number three hit “I Am A Cider Drinker” in 1976.”

    I don’t know what the fuck a “scrumpy” is… and I’m pretty sure I want to keep it that way.

  3. The Wurzels are immortal for: “We knew we were getting’ too old for this business when two teenage girls come up to us arter a gig, and said, “‘Ere, our mums really fancy you.”

  4. The story seems to be that Starmer ducked into the pub because someone was giving him a mouthful of shit around the corner.

    The May elections might be more interesting than I thought…

  5. Denis: being best part of 4000 miles away from scrumpy is probably the wisest place to be. Bismarck’s opinion of sausages applies here too…

  6. I worked in a country pub as barman, waiter, Boots, petrol pump attendant, and caravan park attendant. The owner was a pathetic alcoholic; his son – who ran the business – was most impressive, ex RAF, lovely chap. One of the waitresses was gorgeous.

    Twenty years later a woman approached me at a drinks do in Oz and said “You used to be barman at the Such-and-such Arms, didn’t you?” Long memories, these countryfolk: she even got the year nearly right.

  7. Dennis

    Scrumpy involves dead apples, putrefaction and (allegedly) dead cats. It ain’t ready until the cat dissolves in the vat overnight.

    So they say…

  8. The story I heard was that it was the publican fronting Starmer in the street and Stumour ducked into the blokes own pub in an attempt to dodge him. If true it shows the true genius that is Labours hope for the future. Also Stume’s line “I don’t take lectures from the likes of you” will return to haunt the “leader”.

    Some speculate it might be Stumour’s swan-song. But it is hard to see who ZaNu has that is even presentable.

    They cant even scrape up a Harold Wilson. I have little time for Wilson but he was a giant compared to the contents of old condoms now learing on all sides in the HoScum these days. He would have had the gumption to have enjoyed –with Tory rebel help–several vote victories over bogus Johnson by now.

    The Labour thug minding Stumour –a bovine looking imbecile– keep the pub landlord back. The Publican should have kept a blackjack/sap under the bar for just such an occasion.

  9. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    Scrumpy is why the English can’t throw stones at Scandinavian “delicacies” made of decaying shark spleens, or deep fried mars bars.

  10. I always thought they put rats in the scrumpy. Perhaps it depends on whether its Somerset or Hereford.

  11. Otto

    I believe the traditionalists use self-selecting beasts, rather than throwing ’em in. Makes for more interesting batch-to-batch variations. The one problem is since it’s aleatory, makes selective breeding more difficult.

  12. Sounds like he was just asking him why he hadn’t been doing his job for the last year or so and at least asking questions and representing the public.
    The lack of political opposition across the western world has been startling to say the least, the closest to a revolt I saw was Trudeau tried to push though no budgetary oversight from Parliament for 2 years and that was a step too far for the opposition. In some cases we’ve seen the police refuse to carry out rules which shows how bad it’s become

  13. It was, indeed is, Starmer’s duty to oppose the government’s tyrannical plans and the methods whereby they have imposed locking up the innocent. The opposition is required to oppose when the govt goes walkabout. Does Starmer fail because he is envious of those powers or merely because he is fucking useless? Or maybe one does not preclude the other.

  14. Rhoda

    I think Starmer imagines himself using those powers when he finally gets into power. Or better still, extending them.

  15. Labour are Blue Peter Marxists –they want a Marxist police state –“and here’s one the Tories prepared earlier”.

  16. BiC(GP), scrumpy is the European equivalent of sorghum beer. I got horribly drunk on sorghum beer with a bunch of goldminers at their hostel in Welkom one weekend. Doesn’t taste completely horrid but it is one of those drinks that Billy Connolly describes as making you drunk from the legs up.

  17. @Longrider

    Indeed, but Brown was overheard subsequently, he didn’t say it to her face. He had at least some vestigial remnant of political nous

    It’s a measure of just how out of touch the likes of Starmer are. Difficult to tell if it’s just boorish, infantilized arrogance or he’s so utterly controlled by and in fear of his hard left masters that this sort of thing has become a Pavlovian response to anything off script.

    Whatever else Starmer may be, I don’t think he’s stupid so I tend towards the latter.

  18. Quite honestly, The Wurzels sold out and went ‘all commercial’ after the death of their front man Adge Cutler in 1974. In a death with many parallels with and as sad and as big a loss to music as that of Marc Bolan, Adge crashed his MGB on his way back from a Wurzels’ concert.

    Like the deaths of Bolan, John Lennon and Elvis Presley, we’ll never know what musical masterpieces were lost by Cutler’s early death.

  19. It’s definitely lamb leg you want in scrumpy.

    Apple juice, I understand, is low in nitrogen and a key vitamin that yeast needs. As a result, fermentation can get ‘stuck’. The old remedy for this was to get some meat in there

  20. @Dennis, A Wog Or Not A Wog… That Is The Question

    number one hit “The Combine Harvester”, this was cribbed from an Irish band who copied and amended it from an American singer – ‘Melanie’ and her rather sweet “I got a brand new pair of roller skates” – it was in the sixties afaik, perhaps you remember it.

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