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“I wanted to prove them wrong, that in fact they are the origin story and that United States racism is just the continuation of a long history of Eurocentric domination,” he told the Guardian via phone from Paris. “If Baldwin’s words are not sufficient to understand what it is about, what else can? I felt the need to even go to a broader scope of the story of racism and white supremacy.”

His new HBO series Exterminate All the Brutes is a sweeping journey back through some of the most horrific moments in civilization over the past half-millennium to trace the roots of humanity’s worst impulses: genocide, slavery, fascism, white supremacy, colonialism. Written, directed and narrated by Peck, the four-hour series (pruned down from 15 episodes) is scaffolded by the ideas of three cornerstone texts: Sven Lindqvist’s Exterminate All the Brutes (examining Europe’s genocidal colonization of Africa), Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States (the first history of the country told from the perspective of indigenous peoples) and Michel-Rolph Trouillot’s Silencing the Past (an analysis of power and silence in history, focusing on Haitian history). The work of the three authors, who are credited in the opening titles, serves as a lodestar in the same way Baldwin’s writing did in I Am Not Your Negro.

The documentary looking at the Bantu expansion out of West Africa. With a certain concentration upon the experiences of the Khoi San, the Bambenga and so on. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

The story of an Iron Age and farming people taking over the lands of the previous Neolithic inhabitants?

D’ye think Channel 4 might fund it?

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  1. Tbf, a series on how wypipo are bad is probably going to have a lot more content than one about blackpipos contributions to civilisation.

  2. How many Marxist mugs does HBO think there are in America? Even most Biden-voting mugs wont be watching. And they had to cheat to win.

  3. Islam’s Jihad throughout Africa and the Middle East.
    The Mongol conquest.
    Barbary Coast piracy.

    Lots of great material for the second series.

  4. a sweeping journey back through some of the most horrific moments in civilization over the past half-millennium to trace the roots of humanity’s worst impulses

    Even the creationists look back further than 500 years for the origins of human behaviour.

    Europe’s genocidal colonisation of Africa must rank as one of the world’s least effective genocides. We should have listened to the natives, they seem to have a much better grasp of extermination. And slavery come to think of it.

  5. @Longrider

    From the film “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”

    Sitting Bull:
    You must take them out of our lands.

    Col. Nelson Miles:
    What precisely are your lands?

    Sitting Bull:
    These are the where my people lived before you whites first came.

    Col. Nelson Miles:
    I don’t understand. We whites were not your first enemies. Why don’t you demand back the land in Minnesota where the Chippewa and others forced you from years before?

    Sitting Bull:
    The Black Hills are a sacred given to my people by Wakan Tanka.

    Col. Nelson Miles:
    How very convenient to cloak your claims in spiritualism. And what would you say to the Mormons and others who believe that their God has given to them Indian lands in the West?

    Sitting Bull:
    I would say they should listen to Wakan Tanka.

    Col. Nelson Miles:
    No matter what your legends say, you didn’t sprout from the plains like the spring grasses. And you didn’t coalesce out of the ether. You came out of the Minnesota woodlands armed to the teeth and set upon your fellow man. You massacred the Kiowa, the Omaha, the Ponca, the Oto and the Pawnee without mercy. And yet you claim the Black Hills as a private preserve bequeathed to you by the Great Spirit.

    Sitting Bull:
    And who gave us the guns and powder to kill our enemies? And who traded weapons to the Chippewa and others who drove us from our home?

    Col. Nelson Miles:
    Chief Sitting Bull, the proposition that you were a peaceable people before the appearance of the white man is the most fanciful legend of all. You were killing each other for hundreds of moons before the first white stepped foot on this continent. You conquered those tribes, lusting for their game and their lands, just as we have now conquered you for no less noble a cause.

  6. “a sweeping journey back through some of the most horrific moments in civilization over the past half-millennium to trace the roots of humanity’s worst impulses”

    So, Democratic Kampuchea is in there, is it? A regime that killed roughly 1/4 of its population?

  7. A four-part series on the horrors of communism you say? Zero chance.

    A four-part series on the invasion and occupation of large chunks of Europe by muslims? Likewise zero chance.

    A four-part series on White people bad? Step this way sir….

  8. Also an episode about the mfecane when the Zulus went on seasonal murder, enslave, rape and pillage expeditions across southern Africa just as the other tribes brought in the harvest, reducing survivors to cannibalism and depopulating the Highveld in time for the Boer farmers to move out of the Cape into the rest of South Africa, armed only with muskets and the promise of protecting the survivors.

  9. One does regret Jonathan, that Grey felt it would be unwise to ally with the Greeks and Bulgars at the beginning of WW1, since he’d agreed that the Russians should have Constantinople.

    If he’d pushed ahead, the Russians would probably have agreed in the panic caused by the Turkish invasion of the Caucasus. With the veteran Greek and Bulgarian armies backed by the amateurs who were sent to Gallipoli, the allies could probably have captured Thrace and let Churchill send his ships into the Bosphorus to sink the German ships.

    The Gallipoli force could then have been sent to help the Serbs while Grey and his diplomats tore their hair out trying to persuade the Greeks and Russians to share Constantinople.

    No doubt in that case, the article in the Guardian would be moaning about the complicity of the wicked Islamophobic British racists in the genocide of the Turks of Thrace.

  10. “history of the country told from the perspective of indigenous peoples”: given how little the Injuns left as written records that’ll be tricky to write. A bit like writing the history of Britain in the Dark Ages – so little is known. That’s why they’re called Dark Ages.

    You end up regurgitating Bede’s guesses at what happened a couple of centuries before his time.

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