Tarts Ahoy!

Disabled people can be taken to prostitutes by care workers, judge rules

Exclusive: Hugging expected to get go-ahead by June 21

Only 7 or 8 weeks to wait……

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  1. Disabled people can be taken to prostitutes drug dealers by care workers, judge rules. If not, why not?

  2. One thing’s legal, the other isn’t?
    Been a feature of Covid. What you can or cannot do being decided by the whims of others.
    Now you’re waiting for government permission to hug.

  3. A local council in the Netherlands agreed to pay for a disabled man to get a regular visit from a prostitute. Argument was, human rights include the right to intimate relations. Not paying for a whore would deny him his human rights.

  4. What if the prostitute turns down a disabled client? Could they be sued for discrimination?

    Andy, the shag won’t go ahead until “a comprehensive risk assessment has been undertaken and a care plan devised which will illuminate whether and, if so, how such a visit may be arranged.”

    The care workers will vet the sex workers, like they do with people wishing to adopt. Better not be any copies of the Telegraph lying around.

  5. Just waiting for some expert sociologist to suggest that prostitutes are directly employed by social services. However, this could mean the government being, indirectly, screwed by the public instead of the other way around, and this just will not do.

  6. @Penseivat… If the hookers are directly employed by social services wouldn’t that make it possible to institute a prosecution of HMG for “living off immoral earnings”..?

    In A P Herbert’s “Uncommon Law, Misleading Cases”, his main character “Albert Haddock” discovered a law-abiding prostitute who paid Income Tax – and issued proceedings against the Commissioners of the Inland Revenue for precisely that. I can’t remember whether he won the case.

  7. @El Draque. Well yes.. Since the complete legalisation of prostitution here, the Ladies and Gents of Negotiable Affection are simply self-employed entrepeneurs ( including chamber of commerce reg, tax duties, and the lot..) providing a service.

    If you can prove any service is a neccessity for your physical or mental well-being on a medical level you can apply for Special Care subsidy. Which in this case was granted, eventually..
    It’s certainly not the weirdest, nor the most are-you-taking-the-piss? thing people have gotten away with using that clause..
    And to be fair… the guy could not ..take matters into his own hands.. anymore.

    @Andy Easy… Not Her Specialty..
    I see a golden opportunity for the NHS to become even more Inclusive and Non-Discrimatory here…

  8. This was the basis of a lovely Alan Coren piece decades back. The NNS provided an ageing slag who insisted she was allowed a pudding with her pre-shag date/meal. Bloke notes a friend being fawned over by buxom young blond. But, but – ah, I went private……

  9. @BaronJackfield Likewise the EU insists that drug dealing and prostitution should be included in GDP, from which they take 1%.

  10. Wait…So there are people being paid to watch disabled people have sex with prostitutes? With British accents? And it’s legal?

    I believe I have a batch of our finest Americans coming your way.

  11. Wonder if they will allow any exemption for religious beliefs as with nurses and abortion, as noted above start of a slippery slope that just leads to more and more bureaucracy

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