The louder he talked of his honour

A car leasing firm is being investigated by fraud officers after it went bust owing £26m to hundreds of savers lured in with the offer of returns as high as 11pc.

Raedex Consortium – whose boss Reginald Larry-Cole has written a book on ethical capitalism – is facing inquiries from the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) following its collapse last month.

The faster we counted the spoons.

6 thoughts on “The louder he talked of his honour”

  1. 11% from leasing cars sounds too good to be true. And so it turned out to be. It is however easy to be conned by quoted APR rates of 24% and stuff like that

  2. No doubt the business collapsed due to racism.

    Again, what is it with Africans and double-barreled names?

  3. Dennis, Meat Eating Theologian

    Any businessman who talks about business ethics in public without laughing is to be given a wide berth.

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