The music business is difficult

This is significantly good. Sure, it’s not Sam Cooke but then other than Sam Cooke nothing is.

So, have a look around for more Tedeschi Trucks and………it’s all very good but none of it’s any good. By which I mean it’s all entirely well done, excellently even, but none of it actually lifts. Could well just be me of course.

But I have a feeling that song selection matters more than many want to think.

It might actually be this though:

OK, and this:

Nothing wrong with that second. Bunch of very fine session musicians. And yet:

There’s something extra in the Duffy version. The phrasing just connects better.

As Our Very Own Dennis From Ohio, He Of Many Names, has been known to remark there really is a reason why Ry Cooder, excellent guitarist and singer that he is, has mostly been a sideman……there’s some drop extra needed to be really good at this music stuff.

12 thoughts on “The music business is difficult”

  1. Yes the Tedeschi Trucks sound seriously good there, I look forward to exploring their further work.

    And yet……..I felt even more of a frisson the first time I heard Mercy by Duffy, a feeling which still persists – it’s that good. Unfortunately nothing she has done since comes close. It was just a near perfect one-off.

    (As an aside here is another Welsh lady with a not dissimilar style. Sadly she never found fame other than the kudos of having a record released on the NY based Red Bird label. A few years later she briefly surfaced on the “A bunch of stiffs” compilation with a likeable cover of the Chantels “Maybe” produced by Dave Edmunds in his peak Spector period).

    The “best band in the world” doesn’t cut it at all for me and I’m fairly sure that would still have been the case even if I wasn’t previously aware of Duffy’s definitive version.

    (As it’s Easter I have a mind to listen yet again to Sam and the Soul Stirrers).

  2. but that 3rd degree one is much closer to the house style of acid jazz records, so i’d say not less per se but more niche.

  3. there really is a reason why Ry Cooder, excellent guitarist and singer that he is, has mostly been a sideman

    Albeit sideman to, among others, Captain Beefheart. I’d say that’s a win.

  4. Derek Trucks is related to the Allman brothers and is also a great solo artist as is Susan Tedeschi.

  5. Trucks? Not wholly and entirely so – to the band, yes. He’s in the band but he’s the nephew of the drummer, Butch Trucks. Not related to the brothers that is.

  6. Susan Tedeschi has been around a long time. She’s a survivor. I guess you’d call her successful working musician (I read once that how Bob Dylan’s business cards read – whether true or not, I haven’t a clue), as opposed to a not working musician or hobbyist.

  7. In most cases success in music requires talent.

    But then you’ve also got the likes of Lily Allen

  8. I used to like Tedeschi Trucks a lot, but I saw them at the London Palladium shortly before Covid and “none of it actually lifts” was exactly my reaction. Sharon Jones, also in the clip, was superb. RIP.

  9. I know drummers are always the loopy one in the band but,Butch Trucks? Sounds like something you might watch on the Quest channel.

  10. He was fun. The band had two drummers. Trucks did the, in Greg Allman’s words “meat and potatoes” bit very well indeed. Then a jazz drummer, the other one, added the fills and the cross rhythms.

  11. Derek Trucks is an OK blues guitarist, but there are better IMHO – Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout, Robert Cray, Kingfish Ingram. I’ll even give a nod to Billy Gibbons. Depends what you like, I suppose, rather than there being any absolute standard of ‘got it’.

  12. There’s something extra in the Duffy version. The phrasing just connects better.

    Did you hear that first? I’ve often found that when I’m used to a piece other versions don’t seem to hang quite right. Coming to both of these for the first time, I preferred The Third Degree take. I think partly because of the music style but also ‘cos it’s a whole band working together so well rather than a singer with a backing group. Initially I thought both were covers of an old song but research indicates top marks to Duffy for the writing. Either way, great to know good music is still around.

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