The perceptive would suggest gaining a clue

But the question is, what are the right priorities? And has Covid changed them? Several of us asked that question of each other on Saturday.

I work on tax, economics, accounting, audit, climate change and political economy. And I hope I might be teaching again sometime. Is that viable? Or should I concentrate? If so, on what? And why?

It’s an issue I am pondering. Any thoughts?

14 thoughts on “The perceptive would suggest gaining a clue”

  1. It’s astonishing. He’s added something else to his list of subjects that he clearly knows nothing about: climate change. I assume that we can treat his dabblings in Covid as mere sidelines.

    His list of things that he is clearly clueless on so far:
    Accounting, Economics, Ethics, History, Law, Politics, Political Economy, Philosophy, Statistics.

    What’s quite frightening is that he’s demonstrated that he is incapable of even understanding what would be considered 101 course level material in any of the above.

  2. Dennis, Prepped For A Night Of Ballroom Dancing (They Don't Call Me Featherfoot For Nothing, You Know)

    If nothing else, he does provide a certain degree of comedy relief.

  3. ken

    Alas, you miss the point.

    He’s not an expert in any of these things. He isn’t even competent.

    He’s a **campaigner**. An **activist**

    As we can plainly see, from the idiocies of such folk from St Greta to the numbingly stupid extinction rebellion and the malevolent BLM, you don’t need any domain specific competence to try to get others to behave the way you want them to.

  4. It’s another invitation to his sycophants to tell him how wonderful he is. He’ll continue to do and say anything that will get him a grant, a consultancy or a university sincere.

  5. In which field can he cause least harm?

    My suggestion is: audit. It is too tedious and technical to whip up the revolutionaries and their resentments.

  6. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    My suggestion is: audit. It is too tedious and technical to whip up the revolutionaries and their resentments.

    Audit is tempting, if for no other reason than the fact that he has absolutely no meaningful professional experience in the field, but I have to go with accounting. I’d just love to see what he could come up with in the area of “sustainable cost accounting”. There isn’t much humor in accountancy, but the details of a climate cost accounting system designed by that knob would undoubtedly provide hours of hysterical laughter to accountants everywhere.

  7. Wouldn’t your average accountant start playing Loophole Bingo ( instead of the usual bovine excrement version) with his *ahem* work?

  8. I am coming to the conclusion he must be satirical, either that or mentally unhinged – he can’t be that stupid, can he?

  9. Is that viable?
    Or should I concentrate?
    usually a good thing, but in your case No
    If so, on what?
    your train set
    And why?
    model trains are harmless, ask Rod Stewart
    It’s an issue I am pondering. Any thoughts?
    none I want to share with you.

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