The Quantumscape breakthrough

No, I have no idea what it is either.

However, I would scream with laughter if this foolish idea of what it is were in fact true.

So, their problem. They want to use solid lithium. OK, but that means dendrites. Akin to tin whiskers that so plagues solders. With solder you get around it by adding lead, or bismuth.

They have patented at least one step on the path to solving that, alloying with lanthanum, a rare earth.

OK. So, now the leap. What if it is scandium which provides the non-dendrite forming solid state battery material?

You heard the rumour here first – there is, after all, a one in 91 chance that it’s right too…… and given that Li and Sc both alloy well with aluminium it’s not an entirely stupid and ridiculous leap either.

9 thoughts on “The Quantumscape breakthrough”

  1. If this really is a breakthrough, I’d expect to see it in phones and other portable devices before cars. Automobile engineers are a conservative bunch, for good and sufficient reasons – if a 20Wh battery in your phone suffers a meltdown, that’s unpleasant or expensive*; but if the 100kWh battery in your car let’s go …

    * and if it occurs with any significant frequency, bad news for the manufacturer, too

  2. It is scamdium they are using rather than scandium. It works more quickly, enriching the early stage investors without any actual product. Previously firms needed to earn a profit over many years now, like Greensill prospective supply chain finance borrowers, they only need a prospect of earning billions to be worth billions.

    Pump and dump on a whole market scale.

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