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One of the funs – OK, the only one – of those self-absorbed female columns is trying to work out what’s going on in the life of the columnist to drive the subject choice. As the thing that is really being written about is always the – dull – internal life of the columnist a certain divination can be attempted.

Like ‘Italy’s Robinson Crusoe’, many of us crave the idea of aloneness – even after lockdown
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Ah, a slight strain in the marriage then, husband’s getting on her tits.

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  1. Probable solution is to not read female columnists. They’re writing for women. I may get flamed by Julia for this (if Julia is indeed a woman). But most women are the centre of their own universe. They see things as how they relate to them.* So there’ll be a large proportion of women reading her thinking “That’s me!” Because if they’re not going through whatever it is at the moment, they have done. And that’s pretty well the subject of the column. The actual content’s immaterial.

    *Worth listening to one woman giving advice to another. A bloke volunteers advice for his mate, generally he’ll try & look at the matter from his mate’s point of view & give advice he thinks will benefit his mate. A woman will give advice on the basis of what she would do. The advice will confirm her decisions in her own life.

  2. I think Tim’s on to something because not that many do crave aloneness even after lockdown so yep something’s up. Of course may be just the usual picking up socks vicissitudes in which case probably a good idea to express it vicariously through random news stories.

  3. Michael van der Riet

    If you give her good sausage and do the floors and dishes occasionally that usually keeps her quiet.

  4. “the thing that is really being written about is always the – dull – internal life of the columnist”

    Incidentally, hadn’t we already agreed that most of what these bints write about themselves is largely fictional anyway? They always have some “personal experience” to draw upon to illustrate any point they care to make. Their internal lives are likely even duller than they make out.
    Probably just one of the cats been turning up its nose at the Kibble

  5. @Michael van der Riet, I give my wife a sausage & bacon & egg every morning. I also do all the dishes after all the cooking. And I clean the kitchen & bathroom floors. Doesn’t stop her talking.

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