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The tax bill for being a good neighbour

A Connecticut middle school teacher who raised $41,000 to help hundreds of his struggling neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic got an unwelcome surprise for his charitable efforts: a form stating he could owe $16,031 in income taxes.

Louis Goffinet, 27, of Mansfield, began picking up groceries for elderly neighbors afraid to go to the store during the early days of the pandemic, often spending his own money. Given the great need, he later organized two fundraisers on Facebook over a year and helped hundreds of families with groceries, rent money and holiday gifts, the Hartford Courant reported, setting a $200 limit.

The grifters in government always want their slice, don’t they?

5 thoughts on “The tax bill for being a good neighbour”

  1. If everybody behaved like this guy, what would government do? They just don’t want the competition.

  2. He’s a middle school teacher: he probably unthinkingly supports the idea of Big Government. Until now.

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