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There is an alternative explanation possible here

The second source is this report, also in the FT:

A duty for large companies to publish the pay gap between staff of different ethnicities would be a straightforward step to tackle racial inequality in the workplace, according to UK business groups and economists who accuse the government-commissioned race report of downplaying the extent of problems in the labour market.

Again, an issue on which shareholders want data is being ignored by accounting regulators, meaning that alternative standards have to be created to meet the needs of those shareholders, when this should be the job of the profession of which I am a part.

So why is it that regulators tasked with meeting investor needs are turning a deliberate blind eye to them? There can only be one explanation and that is that the abuse of the climate and of ethnic minority groups within society is a convenient source of profit, and that this elite know that when something is measured it counts. They know that to forestall measurement of pay gaps and the impact of climate change does, therefore, pay for the elite who they really serve, which are those who manage the companies doing the abuse, and so they are seeking to keep these issues off the mainstream agenda for as long as possible as a consequence.

Could be that the vast majority of investors don’t give a toss about ethnic pay gaps and therefore it’s not worth the trouble of reporting the information to them.

This could even be true of climate matters.

6 thoughts on “There is an alternative explanation possible here”

  1. This investor would prefer it if companies did what they were supposed to do rather than wasting time and resources reporting on climate change, inordinate detail on their employees’ racial background and pay, modern slavery and all that other damned bullshit

  2. Maybe, just maybe…collecting data based on employees’ racial ethnicity is a surefire way to create a toxic and abusive work environment?

    If only we had thousands upon thousands of examples across the Western world to prove this point…

  3. The loonies main assertion is that any disparity between the white majority and the various minorities is due to white racism.

    Thus the minorities are stripped of any agency.

    No need to gain qualifications, work hard etc.

    Yeah this will work wonders for the bottom line.

  4. @ wat dabney
    Murphy, like most “activists” (his level of real activity is pretty low, judging by his waistline), are specialists in data mining, finding anomalous results for their particular category of clients/cronies to support their spurious claims of discrimination.

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