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There is no scenario in which this is true

Without climate finance, poor countries face a bleak future of extreme weather, water and food shortages, and climate-driven migration, which all threaten to reverse decades of progress in lifting people out of poverty.

If we actually go look at the science – yes, agreed, the science they tell us is science but all the same – there is no outcome in which the poor do not continue to get richer.

The SRES, the RCPs, anything from 2.0 to 8.5, from A1FI through to B2, there just isn’t a socioeconomic model in which the poor regress.

They’re lying that is, lying by their own evidence.

15 thoughts on “There is no scenario in which this is true”

  1. In other words, they’re threatening us that the blacks will invade us if we don’t give them lots and lots of money.

    I think we’ve been here before.

  2. The IPCC have stated there has been no increase in extreme weather events that can be attributed to human behaviour: “data and analyses from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the U.N. body that climate alarmists in academic, political, and media circles continually cite as the authoritative source of information on climate change, confirm that “if there is any trend at all in extreme weather, it’s downward rather than upward. Our most extreme weather, be it heat wave, drought, flood, hurricane or tornado, occurred many years ago, long before the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere began to climb at its present rate”.

    And the Saudi’s are so concerned with sea level rise in the Maldives they are investing $10Bn in the place (plus, when I visited 20 years ago there was only one airport. Now there are a dozen, 4 of which are international). This is not the action of people who really believe they’re going to drown in the next 30 years.

  3. “They’re lying that is, lying by their own evidence.”

    Why on earth do you think they care about evidence?

  4. Wasn’t there some German chappie who went on about a lie being “big enough and told often enough…”?

  5. boganboy
    In other words, they’re threatening us that the blacks will invade us if we don’t give them lots and lots of money.
    I think we’ve been here before.

    It worked for Gaddafi

  6. If we give them lots of money they will then be able to afford to invade us by the millions. Poor people can’t pay people traffickers (NGO supported) to get them here.

  7. ‘ If we actually go look at the science…’

    There is no such thing as ‘the science’, there is falsifiable data. Despite the claims of ‘irrefutable’ evidence, they never actually publicise it, just exaggerated claims of what will happen if we do not do as told, presented as if fact. They refuse to debate. Why if they are so certain the evidence is on their side? Because it isn’t.

    Manipulated computer models to replace the scientific process is junk science, I would have thought even Mr Worstall after the last year would finally have twigged that CoVid & Climate Change are horses from the same stable, and for the same purpose of power and control and to bring about World Government which will be ideologically Socialist.

    Man is a plague, a pestilence not part of Nature, and Nature must be protected by controlling, limiting, and as much as possible keeping his numbers down. Isn’t that just what has happened this last year? All Humans are diseased and must be controlled.

  8. DocBud
    April 25, 2021 at 9:50 am
    Can you provide source please, Addolff?

    He did. The IPCC report from which he quoted. But if you like look at any number of sites on the web which publish long term… last 100 years… meteorological data such as, but not only, hurricane activity, snowfall, actual temperatures not the algorithm derived numbers of the Global Mean Temperature Anomaly – then you can lake your own mind up whether there is any trend outside natural variation.

  9. If it’s irrefutable it’s not science. The entire fundamental definitional definition of science is refuting previous thoeries. And *refute*, not deny. Refute == “provide *evidence* to *prove* falsehood”.

  10. @Dennis “the trough I am feeding from”

    The “X” in : X needs more investment because… With X always being the means of employment for the one “promoting” X.

  11. “a bleak future of extreme weather, water and food shortages, and climate-driven migration, ”

    No difference than the rest of recorded and discovered history so far then…
    And “voluntarily” going back to cave-dwellings and zil lanes will not change that. Neither will eradicating more than half of the human population change that.
    In fact, it will only make that scenario more likely.

    And last time I checked, the average Cultural Enricher doesn’t come to western Europe for the climate.. In fact, they tend to complain about it incessantly…

  12. ‘It worked for Gaddafi’

    I understand that the present system is that the Europeans bribe the Libyans to prevent the illegals sailing for Europe. The Libyans take the bribe, then take the bribe of the illegals and let them sail.

    So the Europeans then cracked down on the NGO/people smugglers, and bribed the Libyans into doing the rescuing that they’d been pushed into by the woke. The Libyans of course accepted the bribe, let them sail and didn’t bother to rescue them.

    Hence the latest woke moan about some drowning en route.

    One does wonder how long this escalation of bribes can go on. But I’m sure the Libyans are laughing all the way to the bank.

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