There’s a certain stirring under St Paul’s

A long standing tradition – which I’ve just invented – is that in the country’s hour of need Nelson will rise again, take Victory to sea and smash the French.


Bit like Arthur under that hill just more specific and necessary.

British taxpayers have invested millions of pounds into a Dutch vaccine factory at the centre of a threatened blockade by the European Commission, The Telegraph can disclose.

The Halix factory in Leiden was equipped to produce doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine after Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, approved a major investment last April.

The money – reported to be in the region of £21 million

Not only do we have a contract to gain access to the vaccines built at that factory we actually paid to build the factory itself.

But Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner, warned that “zero” jabs would be sent to the UK until AstraZeneca had fulfilled its commitments to Brussels, even after Germany suspended routine use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people aged below 60 because of fears of rare blood clots.

“If [AstraZeneca] does more, we don’t have any issue, but as long as it doesn’t deliver its commitment to us, the doses stay in Europe,” Mr Breton said. “There is no negotiation.”

That black marble sarcophagus is moving, the spectral sailors are arriving in Portsmouth.

We have faced problems with the French before of course, matters that could have been solved by the return of the Horatio, but he never did. Why?

Well, if you’d been pickled in brandy for a couple of centuries you’d make sure your return and passage through that hangover was damn well worth it, wouldn’t you?

12 thoughts on “There’s a certain stirring under St Paul’s”

  1. Would have thought Wellesley, next tomb over, would have been a better choice for resurrection. Although I imagine he’d find the task a mite tedious.
    “They came at us in the same old way & we defeated them in the same old way”
    “Not Belgium, again?” he added.

  2. It’s a good illustration of how crap Government is at investing. Who would invest 20+ megapounds in the EU knowing how much ‘friendliness’ the EU was lavishing on us in the Withdrawal Agreement negotiations? Unless he knew that he could raid the taxpayer wallet if it all went pear shaped.

  3. I repeat my advice to Boris: nuke Brussels, Paris, and Berlin. Throw in a freebie for Dublin. Done!

  4. Pretty sure Nelson would have been invalided out of the modern RN, without any option. If he could have got in in the first place. Or got through the promotion hurdles without the advantage of a combat record gained through fighting the French from 12 (?) years old.

  5. To be fair to the government, they did anticipate a high level of EU [email protected], and have avoided most of the potential fallout. I don’t think anyone could have predicted the actual [email protected] level. Even now, who know what they’ll do next week?

    Besides, even if we lose the 21 million somehow, the inward investment boost the UK will get at the EU’s expense will be more than worth it.

  6. I have two things to say to you: You must obey my orders without question or hesitation; and you must hate the Frenchman like the very devil.
    (Nelson to officer recruit. Attrib)

  7. Wonko the cynical

    perhaps the question to answer is what problem do we want our past heroes to solve. I would have said that in this case it was Hancock, rather than Brussels.

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