There’s a certain truth to this, yes

On the other hand, many liberals just want to tax rich people a lot. Not for any logical economic reason, just because they want to tax rich people a lot. This is something we might describe as a prejudice, a preconceived reason that is not based upon logic or evidence. The science tells us not to, but then it’s amazing how little attention is insisted upon how we must “follow the science” when this conflicts with progressive prejudice.

It’s almost like we keep being given excuses for bad taxes rather than serious rationales, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “There’s a certain truth to this, yes”

  1. I object to the term “liberals” … They’re socialists, a completely different breed..

    To Arms!!

  2. If we’ve learned anything from recent history, in order to reach the majority of society, we need to get better at communicating the virtues of free market capitalism and the harm that too much government intervention causes.

    When you see how important job creation is to people in poverty, it becomes very difficult to shit on the rich quite so much. Big fucking deal that a politician can make a heart-warming speech, or a theoretical argument. Can they give over 100 million people a salary and health insurance, with the option of staying in their same town and using the same currency if they prefer a different job?

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