There’s a level of government management that just doesn’t work

We’re past it:

Drinkers should take cash to the pub with them next week to avoid falling foul of new rules that say staff should take payments for drinks outside, The Telegraph has been told.

Guidelines have been drawn up that ban pubs from taking payments indoors – potentially shutting out a third of the sector from Monday’s reopening.

Consenting adults probably can work out how to pay for a round without the intervention of the bureaucracy.

10 thoughts on “There’s a level of government management that just doesn’t work”

  1. “Industry bosses warn that poor rural broadband and mobile signal means card machines cannot be used in many pub gardens”

    The government is nuts, but this is bollocks. You need 2G or dialup for a card machine. It’s a few kb of data being sent around, at most. If you’ve got a card machine anyway, it’s connected to your router, and that has enough range to get it to an outdoor space (the chippy near me has an outdoor table where they do the orders and payments).

  2. Bloke in Montgomeryshire

    BonM4. Our local pub had problems with variable mobile signal within the building and often had to get customers to walk near the bar so that the transaction could be completed. As an erstwhile IT guy I asked to see the base unit, then just used for charging, and found it had an RJ45 socket so it could be wired directly to their broadband router. A few metres of CAT5E cable and a couple of plugs crimped on followed by a free drink and food for me and we are away. So there is, usually, the option of mobile signal or wi-fi to the broadband router. YMMV.

  3. Government: Don’t use cash or you will all die!

    Also government: use cash so you don’t die from going indoors briefly!

    Me: facepalm

  4. I hope to go to a beer garden and pay for bitter using Adam Smith twenty pound notes. (They are still accepted, are they?)

  5. They can all fuck off. No deviations from old pub procedure.

    While I am no friend of pub yobs –it is time ord decent people started working out and rehearsing anti-bouncer tactics so any hired muscle can be given a hiding. And Johnson’s cockrot regs ignored. If that is what it takes to get back to normal.

  6. I’ve been to outdoor events (airshows, county fair, etc) where vendors card machines wouldn’t work due to the rural location or the number of devices overloading/slowing down the network.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Most pubs would rather not have cash, ours is (was) trying to go cashless before Covid. Cheaper insurance, no cashing up, no trips to the ban to deposit cash, no need to worry about floats faster than messing about with cash etc.

  8. I recently was told I couldn’t pay in cash as the cashiers were afraid of the risk of catching Covid from the banknote…..truly stupid, but shows how the powers that be are trying to push through agendas using current fear they have whipped up

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