There’s a – terrible – amusement at how conservative the trans crowd are

Despite a complex history of trauma, she claims not one clinician or youth worker sought to challenge her self-perception as male. Thanks to the woke posturing of children’s charities, it seems today that young people like Bell are increasingly caught in the cross-fire of the culture wars.

She explains: “There was nowhere to find support that didn’t affirm the delusion of being in the ‘wrong body’. No-one told me it was okay to be a girl who didn’t like stereotypically ‘girly’ things or that I was no less female because I am same-sex attracted.”

After beginning puberty-blocking treatment at 16, continuing onto cross-sex hormones at 17 and undergoing the removal of her healthy breasts at 20, Bell began to question her decision.

Today, she feels bitterly let down by the professionals that should have been there to support her. Now in a loving relationship with another woman, Bell believes she effectively went through a form of state-sanctioned gay conversion therapy.

The argument – at times perhaps – really does seem to be come that if you prefer Action Man and titties then you must be a man. Instead of being simply part of that rich, liberal, variance of life that makes the world so interesting.

When Iran says that gays must be hanged but gays with their cocks cut off can screw as many men as they want (well, possibly only inside marriage but still) we call them hopelessly conservative.

Why is it that Mermaids are considered liberal?

6 thoughts on “There’s a – terrible – amusement at how conservative the trans crowd are”

  1. “really does seem to be come that if you prefer Action Man and titties then you must be a man” I went to a wedding, friend remarried and one of their daughters outfit was a lounge suit and a trilby.. (about 10 y.o) Looked pretty good. Now I know mum. She’s ultra RC (well apart from the premarital thing and annulment thing i suppose) So without a word being said (not that i’d bring it up anyway)i know she has the fortitude and the backing of those around her to say bugger off to all this tripe.

  2. Hallowed Be, don’t forget the trilby was named after a female character in a 19th century novel who wore one.

    So the transvestite activists’ attitudes to who should wear what are less liberal than the Victorians’.

    (By George du Maurier, I think; the same book also featured a hypnotist called Mesmer, hence mesmerised; two new words created in one novel – not quite Shakespeare level but pretty good going)

  3. How Conservative The Trans Crowd Are

    Nah, they’re just deranged perverts who hate women.

    Every time I read about a ‘trans man’, it’s a tragic story like this poor mutilated girl. Every time I read about a ‘trans woman’ it’s a stubbly narcissistic pervert in a dress.

  4. Been through this with my teen daughter, thankfully some self-doubt kicked in before puberty blocker were given, and she was prepared to listen to our concerns on long term impact, but the default behaviour of most medical professionals is believe them and plow ahead. The book Irreversible Damage details a number of cases quite well and looks at both sides.
    A good on your side GP prepared to support parents in a take this as slowly as possible approach is worth their weight in gold.
    For balance I have met a few well adjusted transitioned people, the fact it works for some doesn’t mean it’s the answer for all.

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