They’ve all had a Mars Bar?

What links Marianne Faithfull with Queen and Bing Crosby? The Weekend quiz

Possibly in different ways although Philip always did have a certain glint in the eye…..

8 thoughts on “They’ve all had a Mars Bar?”

  1. I was always amused by the scene in the film ‘Performance’ when Chas (James Fox) arrives at Turner’s (Mick Jagger) pad to see the milk bottles still on the doorstep, accompanied by a couple of Mars bars.

  2. David Bowie is appearing on Bing Crosby’s Christmas Show. When he arrives for filming he notices that Bing is very downcast.

    “What’s up, Mr Crosby?” Asks Bowie

    “Oh the rubber ring that I sit on for my piles has deflated. It’s like a second butt for me.”

    “Ah don’t worry, all those tight costumes that I used to wear have left me with a similar problem. I am always prepared and I can lend you a Rubber Bum Pump.”

    “A Rubber Bum Pump ?”

    “A Rubber Bum Pump !”

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