Things that are important

At the start of the Ankara meeting, Mrs Von der Leyen – the first female president of the Commission – was left visibly perplexed as Mr Michel and Mr Erdogan took the only two chairs available in the centre of the room.

Video footage picked up the German politician saying “erm?” as Mr Michel, without hesitation, took his place at Mr Erdogan’s side. Eric Mamer, Mrs Von der Leyen’s spokesman, said “the protocol level of our president is exactly the same as that of the president of the European Council” and she “should have been seated in exactly the same manner as the Council and Turkish presidents”.

He added: “The president of the Commission was clearly surprised. She does consider that these issues are important and need to be treated appropriately, which they clearly were not.”

Which chair to sit upon – clearly, vastly important. As opposed to, say, vaccinating against a pandemic sweeping the continent.

Which is why we should deal with Brussels in the Cato manner, I’ve some salt here, I know some deconstruction experts for the buildings and £500 will rent us some time from Moseley fils‘ expert in bondage.

Other than that we’ll have to take off and dust ’em from orbit, it’s the only way.

19 thoughts on “Things that are important”

  1. I have noticed something about this in the news. I’m pleased to see that other people also feel that it’s much ado about nothing.

  2. It’s a Muslim country. She should count herself fortunate she was permitted a seat in the same room.

  3. Two possibilities occurred to me.

    1. Erdogan pissed off at being visited by 2 of the EU’s 5 Presidents. His way of saying sort yourselves out. I’m top dog in Turkey. I will deal only with the EU’s top dog (singular).

    2. 4 of the 5 EU Presidents are pissed off with the other one (guess who) for being neither use nor ornament. The one that got the chair was delivering a message.

  4. They were simply letting her know her place. The same as the Chinese were with Obama when they deliberately put the steps at the back entrance of Air Force One.

  5. decnine– you’re on to something… The michel bloke definitely got a wriggle on for the chair once he twigged the set up. And disappointedly predictably the angle taken up is that it’s the Turks who breached protocol. What are the Turks supposed to do? have their man outnumbered on his own turf- that isn’t protocol either.

  6. BTW- i’m struggling with my Worstillian this morning. Cato conspiracy thingy?, salt?, Heston Blumenthal cookery?, press privacy??

  7. Cato – Carthago Delenda Est – raze the buildings to the ground, plough the land with salt, sell the population into bondage.

  8. Swiss toni - lover of wimmin

    Call me old fashioned but Michel should have offered Ursula the chair, sauntered over to Erdogan’s desk and brought over another chair.
    That would have been more ‘alpha’
    The point to chivalry was to let wimmiin know their place – as fragile creatures controlled by their emotions

    Can’t help it but do find Ursula quite ‘ hot ‘
    (Yes I know she is bloody useless)

    I’m sure Michel and Ursula had a frosty flight back to Brussels

  9. Ha.
    If she had some cojones, she’d have gone and got herself a chair, brought it back, and put it between Erdogan and her colleague fella. Shown some real brass balls.

    Instead she just sat on the sofa like a chump and moaned about it.
    This is meant to be a world class leader?

  10. I suspect those chairs are rather heavy. High risk of appearing inadequate to start shifting the scenery.

  11. Swiss Toni,

    No need for a frosty flight. Surely each of the Presidents has their own presidential plane. How else would they transport their entourages and their immense egos.

  12. @Hallowed Be,
    It is easy to be confused over the use of that phrase. Apparently, the Sicilian mafia had a method of punishing people they needed to keep alive. The person was tightly bound and given only salt water to drink. It is said that some actually pleaded to die.

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