This all sounds entirely sensible to me

Voters’ frustration poses challenge for Labour in Liverpool
Disillusionment with local and national leaders could make next week’s election the city’s most unpredictable in years

Finding out that the local Labour party has been ripping everyone off blind for decades might, yes, produce some frustration.

Even to the extent of not voting for them……

7 thoughts on “This all sounds entirely sensible to me”

  1. Err, yes, now corrected. Grammarly – which I have to use for a couple of things – updated itself and tries to apply spolling corections to everything now. It’s doesn’t grasp slang or argot at all. Bit like using an autocorrect on a phone – bloddy thang. Have to go back through and turn it off on some sites….

  2. Not voting Labour??? Nah, perish the thought..! Scousers, whilst frequently sublimely-talented in all manner of areas appear to remain stubbornly thick-as-pigshit when it comes to politics. 🙂

  3. “… the local Labour party has been ripping everyone off blind for decades…”

    I’m sure the least surprising revelation of the 21st century, scousers are terrible people, will affect the way Liverpool votes. Let’s be honest, they’d still vote Labour if the the smallpox virus was candidate.

  4. Baron: Liverpool had a LibDem administration for about a decade, before they started shooting themselves in the feet.

  5. If all the Labour councillors are born Liverpudlians, all they have to do is cry, “It wasn’t our fault. We are the victims here.”
    Then the rest of Liverpool will believe them, because Scousers are never guilty of anything, and they will be re-elected.

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