This is an absolute glory of a local newspaper article

Entirely local issue, long, lots of quotes, extraordinarily badly posed photographs, this has everything:

The daily commute to work is an essential part of the day for many residents in the city of Philadelphia, but for some, this may not be an easy feat.

Timothy Worstall, a Northeast Philadelphia resident, has to walk past the Somerton Regional Rail station along Station Road at least once per day to complete his daily errands.

Worstall has cerebral palsy, which impairs his mobility. The lack of sidewalks makes approaching and walking by the station dangerous for pedestrians.

Just for the avoidance of doubt no, that’s a different, another, Timothy Worstall.

For some reason or another there’s my immediate family only in the UK with the name and then an – entirely unrelated as far as I know – cluster of some hundreds in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

11 thoughts on “This is an absolute glory of a local newspaper article”

  1. It seems to be a thing in the US that they go everywhere in their cars. They have drive through banks. Bill Bryson returned to the US after a long absence. He and his wife invited their next door neighbours round for dinner. They got into their car, backed out of their driveway and pulled into Bill’s driveway and got out of their car. They honestly had no idea why Bill thought that this was absurd.

  2. Don’t be any dumber than you can help Jussi. Leave the moose bollocks on the side of yr plate.

    Vax passports are step one of CCP style Social Credit Tyranny.

    Yes cue the army of smugsters with the tinfoil hat cockrot and uber-mugs like Theo with his what-a-clever-fellow-am-I line of superior public school bullshit. And the “Johnson is too much the bungler” set etc.

    Well a year has gone by and Bogus is still lording it over the slow death of the UK. Millions of cowardly bastards are still sucking his use-battered dick and he seems to have made a decision. To go straight from virus panic through vax saviour directly to green tyranny without shutting down the panic. Thus never having to face an accounting for all the poor chumps he has gotten killed. Straight to CCP social credit and flop-the-proles-lower-than-whaleshit so fast they wont believe it is happening .

    Yes Oh Finnish Fuckwit -a database. Which is why he wants the kids pointlessly vaxed. Not cos of bogus plague but because its dumb to create a database for Social Credit w’out the kids on it. Saves shitloads of revision and possible error down the line.

    Now Bogus may not be capable of this –but the fucking Chicom scum already did it and I’m sure they will be happy to lead a hand to Western dickheads who cant cope. It will take time but there has to be a first step and the vax pass is it. UK becomes a papers citizen shithole for first time without any excuse.

  3. Mr Ecks, what the fuck? Fuck you you cunt-faced homo! It’s not that I was really on the other side of the argument one way or another.

    Apologise or it’ll be the Finnish curse on you and you wouldn’t want that. No you wouldn’t.

  4. If you cant stand the heat don’t start having a shite in the sauna.

    What is going on in the UK is step one of some very nasty capers and you would do well to ha ha less and think more. However fuck useless Bogus Johnson is there are far craftier and more dangerous cunts on his side of the table. If the globos get away with their social credit cockrot you will be tee heeing on the other side of your mug.

  5. Jussi

    Delingpole must be rather confused if he thinks that vaccine shots uniquely get folk into a database. Nearly everybody already is – well, in those countries organized enough to distribute vaccine….

  6. Mr Ecks, what do YOU know about sauna? Fuck-all. Ever been to a proper one? I fucking doubt it. I’m an expert, ask me anything related to saunas. Meanwhile you can piss off!

    I had an electric one, one quite modern wood fired one but the best one was the old smoke sauna. I’ve owned properties with many saunas.

    WWhen it comes to saunas, I am the authority.

  7. You probably pour your own piss over the hot rocks.

    If you were Native American you’d be called Yellow Cloud.

    Switch to infra-red sauna. That way your brains might boil up to a working temperature.

  8. I have to wonder why the city should pay for Tim’s sidewalk and if they are, would it not be cheaper to send a bus around to just drive him (and others like him) to their destinations?

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