This is going to be fun – define racism

Social media giants that fail to crackdown on racism will face multi-million pound fines under new duty of care laws to be unveiled next month.

On the eve of football’s weekend boycott of social media over abuse, The Telegraph can reveal racism will for the first time be prescribed in law as an online harm to be regulated by Ofcom, the official new duty of care watchdog.

What, exactly, is racism? For if there’s a legal duty there must be a legal definition…….

17 thoughts on “This is going to be fun – define racism”

  1. I thought racism was whatever someone who claims to be a victim of racism says it is? That is the case for a racist assault, so why wouldn’t it be the same for online racism?

    So many vexatious complaints to make, so little time…

  2. To steal from Paul Mason substituting neo-liberalism for racism:
    By racism I mean the global racist capitalist system shaped around a core of racist practices and institutions, themselves guided by a widespread and spontaneously reproduced ideology, and ruled by an elite which acts in a racist way, whatever conflicting and moderating ideas it holds in its head.

    As for sports, get the crowds back in.

  3. As a victim of overt racism almost daily (see my handle to know why) I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be covered by any definition used in law.

  4. ‘What, exactly, is racism?’

    Anything someone doesn’t like. Especially if they’re not white.

  5. Racism these days means pretty much the same as fascism – something I can’t define but don’t like. There’s a local nutter round here that goes round putting stickers on lamp posts that say “monarchy is racism”.

  6. “On the eve of football’s weekend boycott of social media over abuse . . .”

    Social media should just boycott “football” permanently to remove the abuse.

  7. This is what I want to know…

    In the UK, and in other countries with similar speech codes (looking at you, Germany), what happens if an individual posts content that is racist toward their own ethnic group?

  8. “I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be covered by any definition used in law.”

    But will your sheep be covered?

  9. But will your sheep be covered?

    As I’m English, my sheep (if I had any) wouldn’t be worried

  10. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    Wog governments know how to put together a shakedown, don’t they?

    The Feds here are pikers compared to you lot.

  11. I’m sure it will use the ‘historic power balance’ definition that conveniently means only white people can be racist. A black employer making a racist comment to a white member of his staff can’t be racist because at some point in time the black persons relatives were considered inferior to the white persons relatives.

  12. Note Ofcom scum easing themselves towards Internet censorship and control. And Big Tech can tell UK govt to go fuck themselves. Hell Kraft managed that with Camoron and the Cadbury’s sale.

    It is merely to get people used to the presence of Ofcom thugs on Internet street corners so to speak. Big Tech wont be paying a penny.

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