This might be a stretch

In at least one sexual abuse complaint for which Tygart served as USA Swimming’s legal point person — that of Venezuelan-born swimming coach Simon “Danny” Chocron — the documents raise questions about a personal conflict of interest. USA Swimming’s 68-page dossier on Chocron describes his conviction and banning by the review board, in absentia, in 2001.

Chocron had coached at the Bolles School, an exclusive private prep school in Jacksonville, Florida, both for the school itself and for a USA Swimming club that used the school’s facilities.

Tygart was born and raised in Jacksonville and attended Bolles, graduating in 1989. He played baseball and basketball at the school, and later was employed by the athletic department as an assistant coach before moving on to pursue his law degree. From the documents, it is not clear whether Tygart was assigned to Chocron’s USA Swimming case because his personal history at Bolles was perceived as an asset, or whether no one at USA Swimming even noticed the apparent conflict of interest or cared about it.

The case was in 2001. Someone who graduated from the school 12 years before is conflicted? Seriously?

3 thoughts on “This might be a stretch”

  1. Yes – if he is obsessional about reputational contagion.
    OK – needs to be pretty obsessional if he was baseball, basketball and athletic and Chocron was swimming, but look at the continual (if it not quite continuous) stream of attempts to smear Public Schoolboys because someone is *accused* of doing something nasty at a different Public School.

  2. The incident apparently took place with the swim team. The swim team does its thing in water. This Tygart guy has been known to drink water. Therefore, there exists a conflict of interest. This is not complicated.

  3. The bigger conflict issue might be his involvement with people higher up in the athletics dept who he did know that maybe should have been aware of what was going on and he was considered a safe pair of hands to make sure the buck stopped at the right place and didn’t taint any one higher in the organisation.

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