Trans kids are not new apparently

We have proof!

I found handwritten letters from trans kids to a famous endocrinologist, Harry Benjamin, who was known for providing trans healthcare. In the 60s and 70s, they would say, ‘I’m X years old. I’m a transsexual. I read about that in the news’ or ‘I looked up your work at a library, and it describes who I am’. They were from all over the country and they would ask if Dr Benjamin could see them, send them hormones, give them a permit to wear the clothes they wanted, talk to their family or teacher. It was young kids knowing really clearly that they were trans and going toe-to-toe with medical professionals. Suddenly, I had not only proof that kids were trans, but that they contacted doctors and tried to transition the best they could. It speaks to the remarkable ingenuity and resilience that trans young people have had for a really long time. And it’s pretty unimpeachable evidence that this is not a new social phenomenon. It’s not some trendy thing that kids are picking up now.

Fallacy of composition.

That there were some is not proof that all now are.

But then what logical standards would we expect from this source?

Jules Gill-Peterson is Associate Professor of English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    they would ask if Dr Benjamin could […]give them a permit to wear the clothes they wanted

    This rings true. I’ve many times written to endicrinologists and gents’ outfitters to ask them if, when the first two socks that come out of my sock drawer do not match, I can wear them nonetheless?

  2. Lots of kids feel that they’re unjustly deprived of the right to do lots of things.

    You frequently mention the incessant campaign to stop some young blokes from forcing their attentions on some young lady who’s completely sozzled. I’d bet there would have been a lot more of that in the 60s and 70s than trannies complaining about their oppression.

  3. “Associate Professor of English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.” A damning description in anyone’s eyes!

  4. This is nothing new as anyone who cared could have found this information in Benjamin’s suspiciously gushing wiki bio.

  5. they contacted doctors and tried to transition the best they could ie neither healthily nor convincingly. Some things never change.

  6. Huh. All those words about “trans kids” and no mention of famous transgender medical pioneer Dr. John Money. The man who invented the modern concept of “gender”, forced sex reassignment on an infant in 1967, later made the child simulate sex acts with his twin brother while Money (who was, oh yeah, a paedophile) recorded it.

    That “trans kid” was David Reimer. He and his brother committed suicide in adulthood.

    What a curious omission from the history of youth transitioning!

    And what an interesting way to describe anyone who might want to protect the little ones from mutilation, molestation and death:

    Republicans seeking to restrict children’s lives

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called “life”. But I’ve got a lion in my pocket, and baby he’s ready to roar.

    Jules Gill-Peterson is Associate Professor of English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the University of Pittsburgh

    That’s a funny way of saying “male pervert”.

  7. Cameron Peat-Tonge

    Get your Associate Professor of Gender name by taking an androgynous corduroy first name and adding a DJ as a double-barreled surname.

  8. In the olden days, behaviour like dressing up as a lady if you were a man and pretending to be a woman would have you, erm, corrected let’s say, by the tribe. If you persisted, you’d be put on your ear and pretty much guaranteed to die of something or other. You were needed for providing protection and hunting.
    Women were far too valuable to be allowed to do risky things like hunting and too weak for protection – half the time they were what the neighbours wanted to steal anyway.
    It isn’t even that long ago that life was so tough that this sort of thing just couldn’t be tolerated.

    Now, we are so rich and safe, that we can allow these sorts of behaviours without risking everybody’s survival. So yay for that.

  9. yeah and during prohibition there was large scale prescribing by Drs of whiskey to soothe nervous excitation

  10. Wonder what the ratio I’d make to female was in those letters as it’s theres a large rise in female to male. Before 2000 almost all the studies and literature were on male to female which was the predominant demand, now it’s changed, something the trans crowd is reluctant to discuss

  11. OK. Since, for some unknown reason, trannies are filed under feminism. Some actual feminism.
    And they have to be kidding.

    In her complaint to the university, submitted a few days later, she said she had gone back to the man’s room where, after initially having sex, he allegedly woke her at about 5am wanting to have sex again.

    She claimed in her report: “I was half asleep and did not give a verbal response to consent. He continued to grope me and then told me to turn over so he could have sex with me . . . He then has sex with me while I lay on my front.

    “I do not believe that I was fully aware of what was happening, or in a position to resist due to my drunken, semi-conscious state. I did not give him consent to engage in sexual intercourse and feel deeply affected by him taking advantage of my inebriation.”

    FFS! What could there possibly be to investigate, absence a time machine & an audio recorder?

  12. Lemme get this straight…

    A kid hears about transsexualism on TV, says “That is SO me” and then writes to a doctor? And that’s proof that they’re transgender? Has this author even met a child before?

    I’m sure there were SOME trans people back then, as there are now, but it was and is still a rare occurrence – not enough reason to alter much public policy or upend the medical profession – and the argument used in this article just made me lose a few brain cells.

    If someone watches Howie Mandel do an interview and says, “I’m a neat freak, I must have OCD too,” we roll our eyes and tell that person to do more research before making such an exaggerated claim.

    But if it’s a 9-year-old inquiring about puberty blockers and surgery, oh well then that’s cool. They know better than those quacks who spent decades studying this shit and seeing hundreds of patients.

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