A “very senior” police officer who shot and killed a 20-year-old black man in Minnesota after a routine traffic stop went to use her Taser but grabbed her pistol by mistake and fired off a deadly round, officers said on Monday.

Brings to mind the Christa McAuliffe jokes, “Hey Guys, what does this button do?”

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  1. ’… who shot and killed a 20-year-old black man in Minnesota after a routine traffic stop…’

    Well, actually, ‘who shot and killed a 20-year-old black man in Minnesota after a routine traffic stop turned bad because he had warrants for arrest, and he resisted arrest and tried to flee in his car, turning it into a potentially deadly weapon’.

    But who cares?

    Not the rioters demanding ‘justice’ (which they think they are going to get by looting and jumping up and down on the bonnet of a police car).

    Not Democrat Tlaib, who sees this as a chance to demand ‘No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed’ (but you can bet she’d have security, private if necessary, should her utopia ever come to pass)

  2. Something tells me this “very senior” police officer was promoted into such a position because of “diversity” 🙁

    Not being able to distinguish a gun or Taser, or being so panicked as to forget, after *26* years of service says she made her way up by serving in an office.

  3. American criminals, and even those who are feeling a bit grumpy and uncooperative while driving, should draw a clear lesson from this episode. It’s not difficult. It’s on the level of keeping your hands away from moving parts, or not challenging guard dogs.

  4. @Bloke in Nort Dorset

    Privatising the police? State monopolies tend to be shit, sounds like an experiment worth trying.

  5. Suppose she had meant to use her gun. Would shooting this criminal be reasonable in the circs? Quite possibly, for all I know.

    The YouTubes I’ve seen of American police murdering people have taught me what cowards the killers have been. (For example see the video of the murder of the rioter in the Capitol.) But this girl seems instead to be merely incompetent.

    I’ve not watched the video of the incident: is it worth seeing?

  6. Potter has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation. A slightly different result than the Minnesota case.

    The guy was pulled over because it illegal in that county to have air fresheners dangling from the rear view mirror. Serious stuff. If he hadn’t broken the law he’d still be alive.

  7. R4 news item this morning about the incident said that police officers are trained to keep their gun on the right and Taser on the left (if right handed).

    “No, the other left.”

  8. Philip wrote:

    ‘The guy was pulled over because it illegal in that county to have air fresheners dangling from the rear view mirror. Serious stuff. If he hadn’t broken the law he’d still be alive.’

    Initally reported, based upon the claims of the victim’s mother. Now determined to be untrue. The reason for the initial stop was the expired registration of the vehicle. The subsequent attempt to arrest him was on the basis of an outstanding bench warrant for failure-to-appear on weapons charges.



  9. It says in the story he was pulled over for driving with an expired licence plate AND his rear view mirror being covered up.

    Because this is another completely innocent Black™ man who was literally on his way to college to become a famous rapper/oncologist before deciding to get into a scuffle with the white supremacist forces of structural racism, the air freshener has transformed into a red herring.

    Unlike that Moslem guy who shot 10 people in Colorado, or the other Black™ guy who murdered a police officer in DC, this is Important News that won’t just immediately be forgotten by the media, because wypipo did it.

    Septics with badges and guns seem to be selected for petty authoritarianism but even so, most coppers in most countries would probably want a chat if you’re driving about in an unlicenced vehicle.

  10. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    I would be interested in knowing the make and model of the taser she was carrying. There’s an unfortunate tend amongst taser manufactures towards making them look, feel and handle like a polymer semi-automatic handgun… which is exactly what most cops carry as their service handgun.

  11. In the video she came across as an inexperience panicking rookie (e.g. the way she was shaking and shouting taser), if she is 26 year in the job that is even more worrying.

    There is clearly a number of system failures here. The tasers simply shouldn’t feel the same/operate the same as a handgun (e.g. different grip shape, different safety position, big yellow “Taser” in officers line of site) so that panicked rookies find it hard to mix them up. If taser manufacturers have deliberately been styling them to look like service handguns then it could get interesting before a jury of an ‘experienced’ officer being able to get so confused.

    It would also be interesting to examine how thorough and reinforced the training is to separate and differentiate your weapons (e.g. was she wearing it on wrong side, are they trained to check before pulling the trigger, do they have effective training sessions to check they reflexively draw the right weapon without needing to pause and think, when was she last certified to carry weapons.

  12. Theophrastus (2066)

    Q. How good was Christa McAuliffe at oral sex?

    B. So good that five guys got blown at once.

  13. Maybe there should be special pink tasers for the girls to carry. For their gun how about those lovely little Derringers that women used to carry in Westerns?

  14. I sneeze in threes

    Isn’t this the reason why so many tasers are bright yellow, to prevent this sort of confusion?

  15. Dirty Harry 3 (The Enforcer) is an enjoyably silly film, but it has a great scene of Harry being forced to sit on an interview board interviewing useless idiots to be detectives. I’d recommend watching it in this case.

  16. Setting phasers to stun seemed to work out OK (unless you were the uncredited crew member in the red shirt).

  17. “Isn’t this the reason why so many tasers are bright yellow, to prevent this sort of confusion?”

    A photo I’ve seen shows the cops with bright yellow tasers worn on the left.

    Surely anyone pulling the gun would realise she’d done it with the right hand not the left?

    I suppose someone who has studied decision-making under stress might reply that it’s not all that surprising.

  18. @dearime – if you look at the Daily Mail article referred to just above, you can see a photo of Kimberley Potter kerself in uniform and she clearly has the bright yellow taser on her left side arranged to be drawn with her left hand. If you then look much further down to what I assume is a still from her body camera, you can see a black blocky weapon in her right hand. It seems very strange that she drew and fired the wrong weapon, but plausible as she is heard shouting “Taser! Taser! Taser!” and then seems shocked at the realisation it was her gun.

    It seems someone has been negligent – if the current measures are insufficient to prevent use of the wrong weapon in times of stress, then it may be whatever is the American equivalent of corporate manslaughter. Otherwise, it must be negligence on the part of the individual officer, which would still be manslaughter.

    Whatever caused it needs to be fixed. American cops kill to many people deliberately without adding to the death toll through accidents.

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