Campaigners in Cornwall are aiming to forge a direct cargo link to France to help the fishing fleet recover from post-Brexit trade disruption.

Err, OK, so this might be a good idea, might not be. But why campaigners? Why not folks with a bit of cash who set one up?

Martin Laity, who runs Sailor’s Creek Shellfish in Flushing, near Falmouth, said a ferry could open up new markets for his products.

“I think it should be looked at and the British government should start taking it seriously,” he said.

Ah, of course, silly of me. The aim is that we pay for the ferry which exports his products…..

5 thoughts on “Umm, why?”

  1. Would this be the same government that contracted with a company that had no ships to provide ferry services after brexit?

  2. Bloke in Montgomeryshire

    Of course Brittany Ferries was initially set up by the Breton farmers to transport their goods to the UK as they did not like the rates that P&O et al were charging. Later they added human cargoes. It seems the French, in this case at least, have it better organised than us Brits.

  3. This seems to be taking Cornish nationalism a bit far – Brittany Ferries already run a service from Plymouth, which is only just this side of the Tamar. (or at least they did – not quite sure what is happening with the government trying to stop us from travelling)

    Come to think of it, Brittany Ferries was founded by a French pig farmer who wanted to get his produce to market in England, so there’s no reason why this fellow needs the government to do it. Other than Idleness and greed for free money of course.

  4. So before Brexit he was doing what? Because those routes are still open and the EU regulations don’t change no matter where in the UK you set out from, and I thought it was the regulations that were the problem…

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