Umm, yes

Others who don’t particularly care about trans lives include many right-wing pundits, smugly making easy, hacky jokes about trans women looking like big, scary men in dresses.

That’s from Emily van der Werff.

The logic does come out as a bit of a stretch too:

The Arkansas bill specifically ties “gender” to reproductive organs. That move effectively defines “womanhood” as an ability to bear children, which is so self-evidently a hop, skip, and jump away from an attack on abortion rights that it should give anyone in support of those rights serious pause.


But even more egregious is the bill’s privileging of reproductive capacity

Not cutting your knockers/knockers off is a privileging of reproductive capacity?

Much of the opposition to trans people — or even the unstated icky feelings that many cis people have about us — originates in the feelings of cis parents who are trying to halt their trans kids’ transitions or the idea that a trans person might someday regret their transition and wish they could take it back.

It is worth exploring the sadness of cis parents and especially the depth of feeling some detransitioners have. But the humans whose lives will be most affected should be the priority here….

These humans whose feelings must be prioritised here being Emily. Rather than parents, or those who end up desiring to detransition and so on.

But I am a relatively affluent white woman who transitioned as an adult, and I have a media platform, and I’m not going to stop talking about it.

It’s possible to wonder how long that platform is going to last of course – also, to ponder why Matt Yglesias decided to leave that very same platform.

14 thoughts on “Umm, yes”

  1. Those jokes are easy for a reason..,,

    I remember, in the good old days, before the world went mad, that you’d occasionally see ‘a trans woman’ on the telly. Maybe a Thai chickboy or a convincing Brazilian cross dresser. If these chaps argued they were in some way a special sort of lady, you’d have probably not been too bothered and I reckon actual ladies would put up with them on the showers. There’d still be some ‘transphobia’ but we’d probably make it work.

    Instead, the ‘trans community’ is 100% obvious perverts with beer guts and hands like shovels, who you wouldn’t want in the same postcode as your pets. And a few desperately sad actual women who hate themselves so much they want their tits cut off.

    Dear Lord, in our hour of need, send us thy Lions.

  2. My apologies to Mr Ecks for using such crass language which was totally unlike me (don’t know what came to me except a few too many bottles of Paulaner Hell). The outburst wasn’t totally without tongue in cheek. I still felt bad afterwards and will continue the self-flagellations apppropriate to this time of the year.

  3. Jussi–I was a bit liverish myself last night. Caused by the fact that I would like to punch a certain individual in a high office’s lying mug in–and I will never get the chance. And if by some miracle I could get to put the twat in hospital they would just start screaming terrorism and freedom would be even worse off than before.

    So apologies likewise to you for going somewhat over the top. The social credit details in the video above had also pre-boiled my piss . Cant live with tyranny.

    I did like the “Yellow Cloud” line tho’. Sorry

  4. For the mother of a teenage girl who declares they are trans it’s been psychologically compared to going through grief from the the death of a child… the time a woman’s daughter is entering womanhood herself she declares she will give up her right to childbirth and the shared experiences that brings is devastating for a mother.
    They can kid themselves all they like but they are hurting people all around them, not a problem for them as they are predominantly narcissistic

  5. BniC, isn’t it exactly that “teenage girl” bit that is the problem there?
    And the little fact that part of parenting Teenagers ( both ends ) is trying to prevent them from doing something monumentally stupid and possibly life-wrecking at that rather volatile period in their lives?

  6. At is, but you need a good GP who is on your side to slow the process down as long as you can and hope they come to their senses before it’s too late.
    As a parent these days you have no rights the trans teens wishes come first.

  7. I work on the principle that if you want to have bits of your body chopped off, or reassembled and you are an adult, then go for it.One one condition,SHUT UP about it.Don’t keep insisting that I believe that you have changed sex/gender because you have not.
    I know one transgender person and despite many costly surgeries he/she makes a very unconvincing woman.And all the conversations eventually lead to the topic of mememe !

  8. One one condition,SHUT UP about it.Don’t keep insisting that I believe that you have changed sex/gender because you have not.

    And don’t insist that I pay for it. If it’s that important, a short time of saving up for the op won’t be so hard.

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