Umm, yes, well…..

The male officer also had a relationship and moved in with Kate, who over three years claims that she was also raped and assaulted, including being “beaten up in my car” while it was parked on police premises.

“He started abusing me after four months of being together,” she said. “It progressed and progressed… he tried to kill me. He threw me against a chest of drawers in the bedroom.”

What the hell were you doing with him for 2 years and 8 months then?

Exit, as we say about countries, tax systems and the rest, is one of the great freedoms……

4 thoughts on “Umm, yes, well…..”

  1. Holly was a junior police officer when she started a relationship with an older, more senior colleague.

    Access to fit members of the opposite sex is one of the key reasons why women join the police. (See also: women in the armed forces.)

  2. Young woman starts affair with older, more senior man, anticipates future as being the wife.

    Maybe gets assaulted by him, maybe not. But possible. And she puts up with it in exchange for the anticipated future goodies of him being a provider to her children.

    At some point, decides that no, this isn’t going to stop, not worth the exchange, so dumps him and then complains about it.

    You’ve got to wonder if there’s a bit of a Chesterton’s Fence thing about those old ideas about marriage, haven’t you?

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