Unionist leaders

An early favourite is Edwin Poots, a Stormont assembly member and agriculture minister who has taken a hard line against the protocol.

Gets my vote. This country needs a political party leader called “Poots”. Edwin rather adds to the joy.

6 thoughts on “Unionist leaders”

  1. I guess the inscription on Arlene Foster’s political headstone might read, “I believed Boris Johnson”.

  2. True d9, but she was listing badly after the Cash for Ash scandal, the mangled NI protocol and some stuff to do with teh Gayers offered the final torpedoes.

    On German TV there appears sometimes an ex-“glamour model” ( I believe is the term) who used to be called Verena Feldbusch, a name which used to cause me puerile chuckling much to the missus’ bemusement. She married and was called subsequently Verena Pooth, which sounds even more Carry On…

  3. Well Andy.. At least you know her qualifications were at least more solid than those of her opponents…

  4. I don’t know what is more funny, his name or his views. He thinks the world is only 6000 years old.

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