Upton Sinclair comes to mind

Broadcaster David Olusoga, professor of public history at Manchester University, made the comments in an article for the Guardian, as hundreds of experts on race, education, health and economics joined the criticism of the report for brazenly misrepresenting evidence of racism.

Of course, a truly institutionally racist society would not have a mixed race man as a professor now, would it? Actually, it would not have someone mixed race if the racism was being truly enforced……

8 thoughts on “Upton Sinclair comes to mind”

  1. Have seen trashing but no debunking as yet. The reaction seems to be “but this report goes against my whole schtick that everyone (that matters) accepted up till now” yes, we know that’s the point. My prediction is the counter offensive will be a redefinition of terms. Institutional racism was a redefinition in itself, now someone’s come along and found nope, that’s not a thing, the inevitable response will be a redefinition.

  2. Yup, what we’re hearing is the fearful screeching of people worried they might have to get a proper job. After all the BLM bollocks last year, Olusoga was probably thinking of putting his name down at his local Rolex dealership.

  3. “professor of public history”: does the university also have a professor of private history? That would let two chaps cover the whole field, which would doubtless lead to a substantial saving in costs.

  4. He is exactly the kind of Marxist scum needing to be purged from schools, Unis and anywhere else they operate. Indeed if he hates us so much deportation to some nice campus in Africa would be better for him allround.

    That the local boss class will hang him up by what passes for his bollocks if his hot air displeases them would be a small bonus for us.

  5. Recently watched an old 1930s movie called Murder! Where the terrible secret that drove the murderer to act was that someone knew he was mixed race…..how things have changed can’t see that plot line working now, more likely to kill to hide the fact you aren’t mixed race but have been claiming to be

  6. “…a truly institutionally racist society would not have a mixed race man as a professor…”

    But that’s Marcuse’s “repressive tolerance”…natch.

  7. “as hundreds of experts on race, education, health and economics”

    That may be the problem right there….

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