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Welcome to politics Johnny

The former veterans’ minister Johnny Mercer has launched an extraordinary attack on Boris Johnson’s government, describing it as a “cesspit” and “the most distrustful, awful environment I’ve ever worked in”.

Anyone thinking this is specific to this government is deluded. This also being why government’s such a terrible manner of doing, let alone achieving, anything.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to politics Johnny”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Listening to the interview on Times Radio, it was clear that Johnny Mercer specifically singled out the current government in contrast to earlier administrations in which he had served.

  2. Does he actually do anything except veterans rights?

    I agree with him on much of that stuff, but find him a bit objectionable otherwise, never quite been able to put my finger on what it is about him

  3. He does have a point about chasing veterans long, long after the event, but with the current delicate politics in Ireland (N&S) he’s not going to get anywhere.

  4. “it was clear that Johnny Mercer specifically singled out the current government in contrast to earlier administrations in which he had served”

    Being none. He has only ever been a minister in Johnson’s government.

  5. Piss on Mercer and Bogus Blojob Johnson alike.

    But if Merc helps fuck up a tub of shite who is planning CCP-style social credit tyranny then good on the dim squaddie. At least he had one area were he kept faith–unlike Blojerk.

  6. PS–Via Twitter travel industry now briefed that covid passports–official UK govt shite will be in place by 17th May for supposed lifting of foreign travel restrictions. Using “other countries want them” as the excuse and hoping cowardly dickheads will swallow them in UK after their fuckwit 2 weeks in whatever overseas shithole.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I read his book, We Were Warriors, a couple of years ago and it was quite interesting. You’d need to be a very hard man not to get through it with dry eyes.

    His decision to go in to politics was based on the way that veterans and their families were being treated, well not treated, when they had mental health problems. His single minded approach to getting elected was a reflection of his OCD and he won despite the Conservative Party not because of them which is probably why he doesn’t have much loyalty towards them – he was told not to campaign in his own constituency but to go to help someone who had a chance of winning.

    He paid for his camping by working on a building site as a Labourer during the day and campaigned at night and weekends. He or his wife knocked on every door in the constituency and on more than one occasion he want back to have words with those who swore at his wife. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in that exchange.

    He’s too single minded for high politics but from what I’ve read he’s built up a good following in his constituency so if he chooses to stay as MP he’ll be around for some time, but with a young family and no chance of delivering his aims I suspect he’ll go, if not straight away but at the next GE.

    His maiden speech is only 1:26 and is a bit rushed, but it gives a flavour of why he went in to politics.

  8. “I know Mercer vaguely. He’s a knob.“

    That’s the thing… I agree with him on his main mission in politics. I suspect as BiND outlines he has many admirable qualities, more than most. I also suspect he is a bit of a knob, based on what I’ve seen of him outside of political statements and speeches.

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