Well, quite so, yes

The Institute for Public Policy Research, a left-leaning think tank, has published a report saying that decarbonising steel could create many jobs, particularly in the north of England.

As we know, jobs are a cost, not a benefit:

The potential costs are eye-watering. Community wants ministers to pump cash into a £1 billion direct reduced iron (DRI) furnace that strips the oxygen from iron ore.

And there’s the cost…..

Ministers face a dilemma: fund the cost of cleaning up steel, or watch thousands of jobs disappear. Neither option will be cheap.

But losing the jobs is a saving….

6 thoughts on “Well, quite so, yes”

  1. I keep going back to “I went to school in Sheffield….” but: adding carbon to iron is exactly what turns iron into steel. Decarbonising steel creates iron.

  2. Philip got here before me..
    Really bad choice in terminology there. Ironically proving true as well..

  3. How would it be done otherwise ? I mean to get the very high temps ( > 1500 deg ?) one has to burn stuff, I doubt that this can be done by daisy chaining loads of toasters together.

  4. If the new technology generates lots of jobs, then you can be sure somewhere else will do it cheaper.

    There’s no dilemma. Fund it, and see the jobs disappear a few years later, so you get to lose jobs and money.

    If it were economic, private industry would fund it.

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