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Well, this is excellent then, isn’t it?

Mirror meets Keir Starmer in pub as Labour leader battles Tories on Red Wall front line

Somewhere in the country there’s a landlord that will let ‘im in.

6 thoughts on “Well, this is excellent then, isn’t it?”

  1. There shouldn’t be a pub in the land that allows politicians of any party into the premises!

  2. Only to use the comfort facilities. But since Sir Kier is shitting himself over the polling numbers, he’s been given an open ticket.

  3. Well… If you don’t let the hoi-polloi in, you can assure Safe Distance at all times, innit?

    With the added advantage that there’s not a chance some unwashed oik calls Bulshit! on whatever comes out of your mouth.
    And a lot easier to supply the mandatory Free Bar to mollify the Journalists…

  4. I walked to a beer garden yesterday in Co Durham. Never would have believed nitrokeg bitter John Smiths could taste so marvellous. I whipped out a John Betjeman book from my cargo pants and life was perfect for that brief moment in time.

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