Well, yes, but…..

According to Swim England, the sport’s governing body, 95% of black adults and 80% of black children in England do not swim, and only 2% of regular swimmers are black.

Agreed entirely that swimming is a less common leisure activity among those blessed with more melanin. But 2%? That’s hardly a problem, 3% of the country is so blessed after all…..not out of normal statistical variation then.

15 thoughts on “Well, yes, but…..”

  1. So black people are ‘scared of water’ (except in Nigeria, it seems..?) yet black children drown at three times the rate of white children.

    Where? In the bath?

  2. Come on man! They are too busy dominating in other sports like athletics and football. They can’t be everywhere at once, give them a bit of leeway here.

  3. Surely, isn’t this due to black people – of a fitness likely to swimming – having a higher body density than whites? I can recall a conversation where a black mate was criticised being a reluctant swimmer. He claimed this & his response was he doesn’t float he sinks.
    It wouldn’t have to be by much. The body’s only normally slightly less dense than water. Even a marginal greater density’s going to make the learning phase less pleasant & a deterrent. As he said at the time “Name me the famous black swimmer”
    This wouldn’t necessarily have to apply. One of my friends is a great swimmer, despite being black. Been swimming since she was a child. But she learned on Brasil’s beaches in higher density salt water. With a lower cold tolerance, don’t suppose many British black kids are tempted by Britain’s chilly waters

  4. I wonder if publicly run leisure centres are crowding out the private sector and the NMW means it’s harder for working people and their children to go swimming or learn swimming at a time and price that suits.
    I would happily lifeguard for £5/hour at 8pm if it meant I could listen to podcasts while watching swimmers. Because watching swimmers for more than 5 minutes is boring, and there are songs and podcasts I want to listen to anyway.

  5. BiS- “With a lower cold tolerance, don’t suppose many British black kids are tempted by Britain’s chilly waters”.
    Many British WHITE kids aren’t tempted either; I was one of them. Leys unheated open air swimming pool, Dagenham in the late 60 – early 70’s. FFFFFucking FFFFFreezing!

  6. The density bit is a thing, but I have a feeling the biggest contribution is simply culture.

    The worst you can encounter swimming in Europe is an irate pike, if you’re very unlucky you can get stung by a confused waterbeetle. Possibly an enraged swan if you’re stupid enough to swim near their nests. That’s about it.

    African waters tends to have things in/around it that will actively hunt you.. Be it fish, reptile or mammal. And then there’s a rather impressive selection of invertebrates that will either dine on you, or make you its host..
    To africans , water is dangerous. People disappear near water, never to be found again.
    There’s an inbred …healthy respect.. for water there that’s not lost within a couple generations..

  7. Is there anything preventing them from swimming? A big ‘No Blacks, No Irish’ sign? No? Then it’s not a problem.

    God I hate the equality of outcome mindset.

  8. Honestly, based on the numbers given, their complaint should be that non-Blacks aren’t swimming enough.

    If 95/80% of Blacks aren’t swimming yet they still make up 2% of the regular swimmers, then either those that are swimming like it *a lot* or else there aren’t a lot of White swimmers either.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Yes, but the hot beef drink afterwards made it all worth while. ”

    And Seabrook cheese & onion crisps, proper ones not the crinkle cut shite they sell nowadays. Whoever made the decision to go crinkle cut should be fed to Steve’s lions.

  10. I doubt that ‘body density’ has much to do with it. Any human will sink with empty lungs, and float with lungs full of air.

  11. ‘To africans , water is dangerous’

    Good point, Grikath. As you go north in Oz, the water gets more dangerous too.

    Of course I’m mostly thinking of the crocodiles, that the imbecile Greens have forbidden us to shoot. Maybe one of these days I’ll vote for Bob Katter. He wants to kill the damn things.

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