Well, yes, obviously

Sex and gender are not synonymous, the authors wrote. While sex relates to biology: the chromosomes, hormones, and reproductive organs, gender relates to societal roles, behaviours and expectations.

When you’re doing medicine this is rather important, to note and record the difference.

Depending upon how radical the chopping the trans female may need prostate exams as the trans male does not. So too the cervix and the trans male but not the trans female.

As the doctors go on to point out, gender also matters because gendered behaviour does indeed extend to things like going to the doctors and also doing what they tell you to.

The way we know society has gone mad is that any of this is in the slightest bit controversial.

The Royal College of GPs already recommends that sex and gender are recorded separately in medical records, but standard NHS systems do not allow for this, the authors argued.


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  1. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    It’s only because the government hasn’t yet handed an 87 billion pound contract to a mate from the pub/investment banking days/chambers/boarding school of a minister who’s just hastily set up an IT firm with no experience to make this single change to NHS systems that won’t work anyway.

  2. In other words, they’re proclaiming that both physical reality and the ratbag ideas of the patient are both important.

  3. Napoleon (Chernyy Drakon on Birth Certificate)

    Je suis Napoleon!
    Who here will respect my identity and help me invade Russia?

  4. but do these people actually fall into their chosen gender gender roles? Some cosmetic ones maybe. Nowadays gender roles are rather more statistical phenomenon observed from above rather than societal imposed ones that bring shame on your house for non conformity. Those late blooming trans, out of a long list of “gender roles” won’t they pick from a smaller list of the cosmetic ones. And are we saying those are the important ones for medical science? The IT guy i know, still continued being an IT lady not a nurse. Changed name from James to Jenny, then when I couldn’t find new email, turned out actually changed it to Guenaviere (i sheet u not). Did rather make me think he was living out a fantasy rather than you know returning to your know stasis or something. And perhaps that’s not all disphoric peeps– but what if its a significant “some”- maybe the medical peeps will want to distinguish those?

  5. ” Who here will respect my identity and help me invade Russia?”

    Simple; you don’t have to actually invade Russia. Instead, just imagine that you’ve already been successful in your invasion plans and have had yourself crowned God-Emperor – job done! Everyone will now be legally obliged to worship you.

  6. ” Who here will respect my identity and help me invade Russia?”

    If you have to ask, you ain’t Napoleon.

  7. Gender related to sex, is an invention (1955) with an assigned, faux definition to suit the Woke industry.

    It is properly used in grammar for masculine & feminine nouns.

    Social roles – specialisation and division of labour – are determined by sex, sex is not determined by social roles; some social roles are shared between the sexes and the sex-determined roles are the basis of the partnership which evolution has favoured and shown to be best for successful propagation of the species.

  8. he Royal College of GPs already recommends that sex and gender are recorded

    If gender is a ‘societal role’ – then how the fuck are you going to record gender separately from sex for a newborn infant? WTF? Do these people even *think* about what they’re saying?

  9. Also, for adults, what are they going to do when they find that gender keeps dividing and subdividing and new genders are created – because the majority of this crap is not really about body dismorphia (those people are really extremely rare) or intersex, its about ‘look at how much a rebel I am in rejecting society!!!11!’

    As each ‘gender’ becomes accepted, these idiots will be out their inventing ‘new’ ones in order to ‘stick it to the normies’.

  10. Heh… They’re going to run into trouble if they want to do that…

    A SF/superhero webcomic I follow dealt with such an issue in the last installment. One of the lovable-villain sides lost her body, is cohabiting her partner’s, and needs a new one, so goes shopping for a “blank”. And then it hits the “gender” selection page…
    A screen full of scribbles, with scrolling option… Logical if you consider the variety possible for alien species, except that the author used a quick lookup for human “defined” genders currently in use by the MadHatters, and he states so in the blurb under the comic.

    Visual is here, panel 3: https://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/comic/grrl-power-932-designing-women/

    The first three are actually used in Real Life™, the others…well… And that little list isn’t even comprehensive.. Peeps keep coming up with more to suit their ..mental aberrations..

    Now… Given the track record of government IT projects ( which a NHS project is) , what are the odds they’re going to get this right, and in a way that’s actually practical to use. Especially given the fact that some of the Genderflakes like to switch “gender” with the latest fad, or depending on their Mood, or…
    And not just right in a technical sense, but also in a way that satisfies the Genderflakes..

    I wouldn’t touch such a project with a long bargepole. It’s doomed to fail while sucking your soul, however well recompensed.

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