Why the EU is rubbish, pants, no good, worthless

A lawyer for the EU executive Commission told the Brussels court hearing that the bloc was seeking immediate deliveries from all factories listed in its contract, including those in Britain, which is no longer a member of the European Union.

OK, immediate, very important, action this day!

A lawyer representing AstraZeneca told the hearing, which is public and is being conducted under an emergency procedure,

Emergency procedure!

It’s in an EU court as well. So, stat!

In the court, the first session ended in just over an hour on Wednesday and the parties agreed to hold two hearings on May 26. The judge aims for a decision in June.

These people have no fucking clue, do they?

15 thoughts on “Why the EU is rubbish, pants, no good, worthless”

  1. “Best efforts”, not “will” in the contract for delivery. Further, some of the blame for late /non delivery can be laid at the EU’s door.
    I can’t see how they can possibly win this one, unless they have rigged the court.
    They must know this, so they must have rigged the court.
    Good luck to them doing any business with large multinationals in future when they really need it.

  2. In the court, the first session ended in just over an hour on Wednesday and the parties agreed to hold two hearings on May 26. The judge aims for a decision in June.

    Slow for vaccine delivery (meh) but quick for a money grab (hem).

  3. Dennis, Reminding You That Wogs Always Get To Stupid Faster

    This is what the citizens of Eurowogia wanted, isn’t it?

  4. @philip

    I wonder if the EU has been backed into a corner by blaming AZ and stamping their feet while people ask why they dont go the legal route if they think they have a case. Who at this point is taking the EU seriously over its vaccine tantrum?

  5. The contract which was controversial a couple of months ago was made under the Law of Belgium. So, no jurisdiction for ‘an EU’ court. That contract was about knowledge transfer to EU based would be manufacturers of the AZ vaccine. It contained nothing about deliveries of vaccine to the EU by AZ. So, is it another contract which is in dispute?

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    If they were really worried about deliveries they’d be sorting out their own logistics and delivery chain.

    A vaccination centre in Hamburg destroyed 40,000 doses of vaccine because “… there is no permission to vaccinate leftovers.”


    I’ve seen a a vaccination centre in Dusseldorf for a similar amount and loads of stories of individual doctors having to do the same.

  7. If I’d been acting for AZ I’d have made the contract subject to English Law and exclusive jurisdiction of English Courts. A point for future contracts maybe

  8. I think I read somewhere that the UK contract with Astra-Zeneca is with the British arm of the company and the EU with the Swedish. I suppose “arm” means “subsidiary company”.

  9. Can anyone point me to any government/bureaucracy that is not deserving of the accusation in the headline?

    Curious mind, and all that..

  10. @Grikath
    Singapore, maybe? But, as a general point, you’re quite correct, most governments are crap. It’s just that the EU manage to be that bit crappier.

  11. Theophrastus (2066)

    How could anyone trust the courts of a country where people put mayonnaise on chips and the national pastimes are corruption and paedophilia?

  12. Hmm.. Given the amount of Brits I know that actually like their chips with mayonnaise, after being shown the difference between the mainland version and the abomination that passes for it in the UK…

    You mean the UK shirley? The other two are firmly established for the UK already…

  13. Belgium? Does that mean wallonia or ned flanders?


    Spot on, they’re probaly drafting the “law” they need now.

  14. @ Mark
    In Ursula von der Leyen’s version, AsraZeneca plays Ned Flanders, Macron plays Bart, Ozlem Tureci plays Lisa, Angela Merkel plays Marge, The Donald plays Homer-in-a-wig …

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