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Will they have to tell them why as well?

Apple and Google will have to tell customers when their smartphones will stop working and leave them at risk of hacking, under laws being considered.

The EU’s insistence upon no lead in solder leaves your phone subject to tin whiskers. Should take about 4 years, on average, for it to fry.

7 thoughts on “Will they have to tell them why as well?”

  1. I don’t know about that, but manufacturers of anything aren’t going to keep rolling out software updates forever. This is a global problem.

    It’s why I don’t spend big money on any of this “smart” stuff, and why I buy Moto G price phones. If it’s a brick in 3 years, I’m not going to spend a small fortune.

  2. And the industry knows tin whiskers are a problem which is why lead-free solder is banned for medical and aeronautical devices and other safety critical areas. As for the harm from leaded solder, it’s non-existent as nearly all electrical devices are recycled and not put into the tip. And for those who worry about those doing the soldering, the most harm comes from fumes from the flux.

  3. Can’t remember now if more aggressive flux was required, but it sure as shit takes more heat to melt tin than the alloy. But then the EU’s got the answer for that with more expensive electricity…

  4. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    Still have my roll of lead-containing solder. It’ll outlast me it gets so little use, largely because electrical things that die are now rather harder to repair/harder to even identify the underlying fault.

  5. Apple aren’t the problem. It’s the fragmented custom android which prevents Google rolling out security patches etc that’s the issue. Very common for manufacturers not to do the work to convert phones to the next version of Android, Apple can at least ensure a couple of generations of function. I hear the newer versions of Android are better but I’d only buy a Google built phone that can get direct updates.

  6. BniC,

    I’m just really comfortable with phones that cost £150. Phones are a fragile thing to me. I’ll spend a grand on a laptop because I’m not going to drop it in a puddle or on the floor, it gets 8+ years of updates and it’s fairly cheap to repair compared to the original cost.

    A phone can die and the cost of an internal repair is going to be more than its worth, or you forget it on a beach, or someone pinches it in a bar.

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