Yes, I know the day

But there’s the possibility this is being serious:

Registering a newborn’s gender/sex on the birth certificate is usually seen as a mere formality that reflects a natural state of affairs. This article, however, shows that the registration of gender/sex does something else than record naturally given sex differences in bodies; it actually produces and shapes bodies to develop in a way conformant with understandings of sexual dimorphism. Sexed bodies are therefore not pre-discursive and static objects, but they are constantly in the process of becoming, influenced by socio-legal procedures, including gender/sex registration. By analysing the effects of registering the legal gender/sex on birth certificates and the change of gender markers thereof in various jurisdictions, in particular Australian states and territories, the article aims to show how bodies of intersex as well as endosex cis and trans persons are made into what they are expected to be: sexually dimorphic. It concludes that legally assigning a gender/sex has intrinsically violent effects on bodies, something that could be avoided by eliminating the public registration of gender/sex.

10 thoughts on “Yes, I know the day”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    I’m not sure that it’s really “feminism” though, even given the journal’s title.

  2. There were no men or women before the government invented birth certificates, just as no one could travel until the government invented passports, or operate a vehicle untill the government invented licenses.

  3. In today’s Times there is an article claiming that Emmuanuel Macron apologised to France for the slow vaccine rollout. Really! I remember when April Fools gags were thought through properly and constructed with care.

  4. I find the term “sexed bodies” slightly arousing. I know I’m not supposed to, but that then makes it even worse.

  5. Interesting to see a written spell can determine whether one is male or female.

    Perhaps they’ll test voodoo ceremonies or the Black Mass to see if they work better.

  6. “intrinsically violent effects”: the words ‘lying’ and ‘cunt’ spring ineluctably to mind. The latter is figurative, natch.

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