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Yes, these people are insane

Are our pets gobbling up the planet?
From the meat-based meals to kitty litter to plastic poop bags, pet care is unarguably bad for the environment. What can we do about it?

We must make room for more animals in the environment by having fewer animals in the environment.

17 thoughts on “Yes, these people are insane”

  1. What can ‘we’ do about it? I love the use of the Royal We in these articles.

    Donation to PETA would be a start, if they were serious. They kill more animals than a young Duke of Edinburgh ever managed!

  2. When an ancient cat-lover dies and her pets eat her corpse, is that good or bad for the environment?

  3. I might be a Misanthrope, I’d rather see a single robin survive than 650 MP’s or 2 billion chinamen. I believe that robin’s life is more precious and its death makes me more sad than if a billion muslims dropped dead this minute.

  4. There is the market opportunity, find a way to fit more animals – including pets – onto our planet. e.g. teach cats to use the toilet, feed dogs in ways that are cheaper and reduce the use of antibiotics that can create super bugs. Biodiversities reward is antifragility.

  5. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    And just to make sure you know this is SERIOUS JOURNALISM, Vox decided their little pet brainfart should be put forth in the form of a comic… Because, well, nothing says SERIOUS JOURNALISMING like using a comic book format.

  6. Interesting I’ve longed believe there’s some lines the greens have been sidling up to that are ultimately going to be a step too far for most.
    They seem to have done managed to persuade people that electric cars doesn’t mean giving up cars for now.
    While they have pushed hunting and are sneaking after fishing they are going to hit a brick wall when it comes to pets, the average person turning on the greens will be something personal like this issue

  7. Note that they have been increasingly using regulatory powers to make it harder to buy pets that most pet stores are down to fish as live sales, but can only appeal to ‘think of the animals’ so far

  8. @fred bloggs – April 24, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    e.g. teach cats to use the toilet,

    Some of my sailing friends managed to teach their “ship’s cat” to do precisely that. 🙂

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