You might want to rethink this

One of the reasons I write so much here is because I wish someone had written for me when I didn’t know who I was. Today I learned the phrase “possibility model”: it’s somebody whose visibility tells you that there are other people like you, that being like you is perfectly normal.

That’s treading desperately close to the – widely opposed – idea that teenagers wanting to be trans is a result of fashion, seeing other people doing it…….”peer contagion” anyone?

5 thoughts on “You might want to rethink this”

  1. Clarice Starling Did Nothing Wrong

    Also, abandoning the wife and kids, and alienating friends and family to live the genderspaz lifestyle definitely frees up one’s calendar to do a lot more complaining on the internet

  2. The conclusion doesn’t flow from the premise.

    Premise: Other people exist who believe that their body doesn’t match who they “truly” are.

    Incorrect but widespread conclusion: I should chop off my nuts, wear a dress, and shriek at everyone about how bigoted they are.

    Correct conclusion: I should accept that mind-body dualism isn’t real: my body and mind are one and the same. I’m just a man with an inaccurate understanding of the world; not a woman trapped in a man’s body.

  3. Twitter has wired all these people up into a giant, culture-destroying ball of seething resentment and hatred.

  4. hat being like you is perfectly normal.

    Except that what you are might *not be perfectly normal*.

    There are serial killers out there. Are we to celebrate them? The pedophiles? Extending it further – wife beating is ‘perfectly normal’. But we don’t like that it exists.

    There are plenty of communities in the online world where it would have been better for everyone involved – in the community and outside it – if those fuckers couldn’t have gotten together to push a ‘we’re ok’ narrative.

    Fucking furries, for example, would be better off getting a damn job and keeping that kink in the (private) bedroom.

    FFS – who is against BDSM? Basically no one. Because the majority of them know that there’s a time and a place for it. The ones that walk through the park with a partner on a leash are the ones everyone hates.

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