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Hmm, so that doesn’t work, darn. Changed the text to what he means:

A nation is dependent upon a meeting of minds. The southeast of England and Ely no longer share that meeting of minds. Their values and aspirations fundamentally differ. So there is no Union. And that is why the UK is over.

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  1. Is he wrong, exactly? Not sure anywhere in the UK shares the same mind as London. Jockistan in some ways, possibly. London’s hardly a British city any more. Both halves of NI are off in some places of their own. Mostly it’s inertia, isn’t it? You wouldn’t be able to create a Union out of what you’ve currently got. But would it be an improvement to break it up? Worth the trouble?
    I know I declared personal UDI a while back. If I have to live surrounded by foreigners I like to be able to choose which foreigners. And there seem to be a lot fewer barking mad people here.

  2. 4 different Chief Medical Officers all agreed that the delayed 2nd dose strategy was right. Ah, the CMO of Ely would say that’s not evidence of a Union but of groupthink. Humpty Dumpty.

  3. after about the 5th read i worked out Tim inserted the Ely into both passages, and then it made sense whatever it was before – the north, the rest of the country, land of the lang brown wee dram,
    the part about lower case scotch nationalism that i agree with is yep, if you constantly are voting one way and getting rules and policies over you that the majority don’t agree with, not just a cycle or three, but permanently for the foreseeable future and you’ve got a history, an economic and defence viability then yeah why not independence? And equally those on the other side of the coin shouldn’t be worried about having policies that reflect their priorities.

  4. @Hallowed be- the problem with that argument is that the Scots have devolved control over practically all internal affairs, so what rules and policies are they saying get ‘forced’ on them? Trident? (whoops, there goes the 6000+ jobs supported at Falsane) Brexit? (which 40% of scots voted for…)

  5. Scots forced Labour governments on England several times.

    How often has Labour won a majority on English seats alone? Blair, maybe?

    Not Ramsay Mac nor Wilson, I’ll bet. Attlee once maybe?

  6. Come to think of it, did Scotland ever force a Liberal government on England in the long ago? Or indeed a Conservative government? The Tories won most Scottish seats as recently as 1956.

  7. Here’s a start.

    Here’s another.

    It says that since 1918 the results of “only” four General Elections would have changed if the Scottish seats were removed from the count. “Only”? Four seems quite a lot to me.

    How about before 1918? I suppose it’s hard to say much because the Irish seats were involved and Ireland was substantially over-represented in the Commons. Scotland was under-represented.

    Still, you could always ask how often the result would have changed if all the seats for Scotland, Ireland, and Wales were removed. In other words you could ask how often England got its own way. Preferably starting after the Second Reform Bill.

  8. Andy T- erm tax?, defence, fishing, trade? but more than that its still having to lump a UK leader that a majority didn’t like/vote for.

    deirieme- “scots forces a lab gvt on England several times”

    yep, good point and I don’t know but i’d have a small bet that cabinet positions over represented by Scotch MPs, who have a tendency, the clever ones, to punch above their demographic weight.

  9. In 2005 the Conservatives under Michael Howard gained more votes in England than Labour. Labour formed the UK government.
    Then in 2010 the Conservatives gained a majority of the seats in England, but not the UK, and the supposed democratic liberal party who had previously said they opposed tuition fee increases made a massive PR blunder – they could have said that they disagreed with tuition fee increases in England but as the Conservatives had an outright majority in the nation affected they’d have to let it go as coalition partners and democrats – but no, they went full Clegg PR insanity and took a policy position which wiped them out in the next 3 elections.

  10. “In 2005 the Conservatives under Michael Howard gained more votes in England than Labour. Labour formed the UK government.”

    So what? Irrespective of the Scotland issue that possibility is always there with First Past The Post. Which apparently we voted to keep in a referendum I didn’t even notice.

  11. Theophrastus (2066)

    Spud, dear boy, if you had one, you would realise that nations don’t have minds. Your collectivism is showing – again!

  12. Ely? Don’t you mean one end terrace in Ely? I doubt Ritchie is representative of the entire local population

  13. God spud is getting insecure and pathetic.

    Almost daily we get a blog which is a thinly disguised version of “please say something nice about me” and of course the sycophantic dullards who populate his blog oblige.

    What with that and “I was asked the other day my opinion on “x” so here it is” which means that, no, he wasn’t asked his opinion but wanted to talk about “x”.

    Sad little man.

  14. In Sheffield we’ve voted Labour for over a century . How *DARE* the Conservatives run the government! We voted Labour, dammit!

  15. dearieme said:
    “ First Past The Post. Which apparently we voted to keep in a referendum I didn’t even notice.”

    Only because the LibDems managed to present us with a system that was even worse!

  16. If I have to live surrounded by foreigners I like to be able to choose which foreigners.

    Yep. #meetoo

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